Conversion Optimization Round-up – May 2023

Conversion Optimization Round-up – May 2023

Welcome to this month’s round-up, where we delve into the ever-evolving world of conversion rate optimization, sharing valuable insights to boost your website’s visibility and user experience. This month, we focus on the power of testing data to determine what truly resonates with your audience and delivers the best results.

Today, we visit Optimizely, which shares 6 pillars for building a culture focused on experimentation. Invesp teaches us how to conduct a CRO audit. Guess the Test asks which format won, the copy with social media icons or contact icons? And finally, VWO talks about how data can increase personalization, resulting in higher conversions. 

To stay ahead of the curve, businesses must adapt their CRO strategies continuously. One effective way to achieve this is through rigorous testing and analysis.

6 Measuring Pillars for Building a Culture of Experimentation


In today’s fast-paced world, A/B testing and experimentation are vital. Building a culture where testing is practiced and expected will help yield conversions. 

Optimizely shares 6 great measuring pillars for getting you and your team on the right track. 

Below are a couple that stood out to us. 

  • Optimize Experiences on Every Device: This tip tells us to focus on making adapting changes across all platforms easy.
  • Data-Driven Marketing: Work on integrating data-driven decision-making. Be sure to make it easy for others on the team to interpret the results. 

We love the quote Optimizely uses; Experimentation beats speculation.”  Implement some of these tips today to start improving your conversions. 

How to Conduct a CRO Audit in 10 Steps


Do you feel you keep testing, and no matter what you do, conversions are not improving? If so, Invesp has a solution. 

This article shares 10 steps to conduct a comprehensive CRO audit to improve conversions. This audit is designed to help you find and fix errors, pain points, and flaws in the user experience. 

Invesp has compiled a complete article to get you moving in the right direction. 

Here are a few steps we want to highlight:

  • Define the Target Audience: Include demographics, psychographics, behaviors, and pain points. Once we have a clear idea of who we want to sell to, we can better understand them.
  • Analyze Website Traffic: This practice will help you see where your traffic is coming from so you can put more resources into that avenue.

Don’t miss this in-depth article from Invesp.

What Format Won? Social Icons or Direct Contact Icons?


In this month’s Guess The Test, the question is whether social icons were best, or if contact phone numbers would prove better.

What format do you think won?

The problem that Medium Giant faced was some items were only available through the store, and consumers had to call or email the store directly. With the original only showing media icons instead of contact numbers, users were confused. Would this new format prove to help?

Yes, the new format with numbers listed led to a 123% lift in contact submissions and a 115% increase in mobile users. 

Steve Krug says a cardinal rule for the user experience is don’t make the user think!

How Data Can Drive Increased Personalization


VWO teaches us how to use the data we obtain from users to increase personalization. 

But what data should you be collecting? And why? Below are a few of the tips and tricks for data collection. 

  • Consumer Demographics: Age, location
  • Descriptional data:  Lifestyle habits, where they work
  • Contextual data: What browser do they use? Do they use a desktop or mobile
  • Behavioral data: Has the user clicked on any upsell offers? How often do they interact with chat features?

This article also talks about how to track and use data. You will learn about customer data platforms and how to use them. This method helps bring all information into one location to help personalize and generate more leads.


CRO is essential to optimizing your website’s performance and user experience. As the saying goes, “Conversion rate optimization is not about guessing what works; it’s about knowing what works and making it better.” 

By embracing data-driven strategies and continuous testing, you can unlock the true potential of your online presence and achieve remarkable results.

Until next time,

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Author: Ayumi

Hi, I’m Kurt Philip, the founder & CEO of Convertica. I live and breathe conversion rate optimization. I hope you enjoy our findings.

We’ve worked with over 1000 businesses in the last 6 years.
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Conversion Optimization Round-up – April 2023

Conversion Optimization Round-up – April 2023

As the month draws to a close, we have gathered many insightful articles and resources to help you optimize your conversions. In this month’s round-up, we selected top-notch content to enhance your knowledge and understanding of consumer behavior, conversion rate optimization, and lead generation tactics.

One of this month’s round-up highlights is an article from Guess the Test that dives into whether to show the price or the features in advertising. It explores the benefits and drawbacks of each approach. We also feature an article by VWO that challenges you to check your conversion rate optimization rates and presents solutions for revenue growth. 

Nutshell shares some tips on optimizing lead forms for better conversions. The article presents nine tactics businesses can use to increase lead generation rates and drive more revenue. Finally, we have an article from Conversion showcasing six advanced experiments businesses can use to maximize profits during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping season. 

Let’s dive in! 

Finances or Features: Which Format Won?

This month, Guess The Test asks us if showcasing features or finances is best. What was your guess? 

Yup, option B won this race. It was proven that the format with all the listed finances didn’t do as well as the format displaying features. But why? It was shown that the need to open the email was gone once all the finances were revealed. But why?

Research shows that when a product is displayed first and then the price, the consumers decide based on the quality of the product rather than the price determining the purchase. On the flip side, if the price is displayed first, the consumer will assess if the cost seems worth it. 

Remember, the best time to show the price depends on whether you want to promote the product’s value or features. 

What Does a Low Conversion Rate Say About Your Website?

Have you been wondering why your conversion rate is low? This informative article from VWO shares insightful information on what could be your issue and how to solve them.

Check out these six reasons why your conversion rate might be slow. 

Below are a few that stood out to us. Read on to learn how to improve these rates using the tips you learn today.

  • Unclear call-to-action buttons

If a visitor is confused about where the CTA is or what it is trying to convey, your user will get confused and simply leave. Make your CTA stand out; make it foolproof. 

  • Broken checkout process

Is your checkout process long and confusing? If so, this could be a huge reason for low conversion rates. We need it simple, and forms that ask for too much information or are too personal will get left in the dust. Walk through your process and see if it’s easy, straightforward, and uses autofill options. 

  • Low-quality images

When we use many low-quality stock images, we welcome confusion amongst our users. High-quality images or branded visuals help build user engagement and, in turn, your conversions.

Continue reading this article for more tips and techniques to optimize your conversion rate. 

9 Lead Form Optimization Tactics to Increase Conversions

You don’t want to miss this informative article from Nutshell. Learn nine great tactics for lead form optimization. 

First, what is lead form optimization? It refers to structuring your online forms to generate more quality leads. 

Below are a few tactics that stood out to us. 

  1. Put your forms above the fold line: How often do you make it to the very end of a webpage? Not often, right? Make it visible to your users. 
  2. Use compelling call-to-actions (CTAs): You need to catch your users’ attention and make it clear what they have to do. Using color to draw attention is an excellent technique to use.
  3. Apply an intuitive form layout: Making your form user-friendly will help users complete the form and generate leads. Use white space, and make sure the field size matches the answer length. Ask questions in a free-flowing approach. 

We need to remember to optimize our site for maximum conversions constantly. This article from Nutshell will surely spark a few A/B tests in your future. 

Peak season CRO: 6 advanced experiments to help you maximize profits

Have you optimized for high-traffic peak periods? This article from Conversion talks about these high-profit periods, such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 

Did you know that last Cyber Monday had record-breaking sales of over 11.3 billion, an increase of 5.3% from the previous year? We need to take notice of these peak periods and be ready. 

Below are a few of the experiments suggested by Conversion. 

  1. Sale countdown timers are a great way to create urgency and intrigue with your consumers. Be sure to test the right location for this timer.
  2. Delivery and collection is a big motivator. Did you know that 49% of consumers agreed that the reason for purchase was free shipping? Test what works best for your products or services.

This article goes on to discuss more experiments to try and discover what works best for your site. 

In Conclusion

We hope you find this month’s round-up informative and valuable. Remember, it comes down to the user experience; when we test and optimize our conversions, we see it in our profits. 

We wish you the best of luck in your marketing endeavors and look forward to sharing more insights.

Let’s end with a quote from Peter Drucker. “The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits them and sells itself.”

See you next month for more informative articles!

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Author: Ayumi

Hi, I’m Kurt Philip, the founder & CEO of Convertica. I live and breathe conversion rate optimization. I hope you enjoy our findings.

We’ve worked with over 1000 businesses in the last 6 years.
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Conversion Optimization Round-up – March 2023

Conversion Optimization Round-up – March 2023

In today’s digital world, businesses must adapt to stay relevant and competitive. The world of e-commerce has undergone a significant transformation in the past few years. It’s quickly moving from being a purely digital platform to one that involves a mix of traditional and digital marketing techniques. 

Mixing technologies with traditional marketing has become a trend in e-commerce, allowing businesses to expand their reach while retaining a personal touch. When your customers feel connected and confident, you will see it in your conversions.

This month, we look at articles focusing on the customer experience and why it’s so vital. VWO shares A/B testing ideas to improve your customer’s first impressionsThe Marketing Sherpa brings us an article about the magic of mixing new technologies with traditional marketing strategiesInvesp teaches us about customer testimonials and why they are vital for success. And finally, Marketing Examined reveals twelve formulas for writing engaging headlines.

Top A/B Testing Ideas to Create a Great First Impression

Each page on your website can influence your conversion rates, but you must get them past your homepage. In this article, VWO offers great A/B testing ideas. Let’s discuss a few that stood out to us. 

  1. Header or Footer: Traditionally, a header is used in most e-commerce practices. However, testing the use of a footer can prove beneficial. Adding anchor links will help your SERP rating.
  2. Images: We all understand the importance of high-quality images. Considering senses are removed from e-commerce sales, the image needs to shine. Be sure to focus on authenticity.
  3. Seasonal Offers: Did you know 85% of customers will exchange valuable personal data for discounts? The homepage is a great place to showcase these seasonal offers.


VWO shares 10 A/B tests sure to add insight and help optimize conversions. 

Proven Strategies for Generating Interest

The Marketing Sherpa brings three informative case studies about the combination of tradition and technologies. This article is about improving your brand’s marketing funnel and ultimately optimizing conversion rates. 

The first case study presented was about a finance company that used AI tools to double organic traffic- don’t miss this one. However, it was case study two that stood out to us. 

In case study two, we learn how a crypto ratings provider creates marketing on a budget and gets a 50% response rate. How did they do it? They rated the top 500 cryptocurrencies on their website and told them that they (BestCryptos) had rated them from 1-500. Would you be curious? Of course, who wouldn’t be? 

This method reached a 50% response rate, opening doors to building relationships. Learn more about the response from the companies near the bottom; not everyone was happy with their ranking. However, this just influenced the longevity of this marketing campaign. 

Work on incorporating your marketing strategy to include both methods.  

12 Formulas to Write Engaging Headlines

Did you know 80% of your visitors won’t pass your headline? When you write engaging headlines, you capture your visitor’s attention and open the door for a sale. 

Marketing Eliminated teaches us 12 formulas for headlines that engage. 

Below we list a few that stood out to us.

Formula #2: Simplify what it is and why it’s different.



Formula #8: Introduce the product and say what it does

Formula #11 Be specific and add your hook


Copywriter David Ogilvy once said, “On average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar.”

Customer Testimonials: What is it, Why it Works, and How to Use it.

In today’s world, we seek out the opinions of others before investing our hard-earned money. When was the last time you made a relatively large purchase without first reading many reviews? It’s said that 85% of consumers will read up to 10 reviews before purchasing.

This in-depth article from Invesp gives you the answers you are looking for. You will learn about the different types of customer testimonials, when to use them, and what format is best for you. 

Learn how to write a testimonial that works with these four elements.

  • Indicate the customer’s problem.
  • Highlight how the product solved the problem.
  • Show how unique the solution is.
  • Reveal how the customer experience improved.

Learn how to get customer testimonials.

  • Offer a discount.
  • Customer satisfaction surveys.

Learn when to use customer testimonials.

  • Social Media advertising helps keep your brand at the forefront in the minds of your followers. 
  • Showcasing customer testimonials on your homepage is an excellent way to engage users and build trust. Below is an example of a homepage done right! 


Building a trust-based relationship with your users will ensure conversions you can count on. Don’t miss this informative article.

In Summary:

Businesses can build brand loyalty by focusing on customer satisfaction and providing a personalized shopping experience. A satisfied customer is likelier to become loyal and recommend the brand to others.

We can learn a lot from the method that has worked for centuries; ultimately, how you make the customer feel brings them back

Until next time, 

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Author: Ayumi

Hi, I’m Kurt Philip, the founder & CEO of Convertica. I live and breathe conversion rate optimization. I hope you enjoy our findings.

We’ve worked with over 1000 businesses in the last 6 years.
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Conversion Optimization Round-up – December 2022

Conversion Optimization Round-up – December 2022

Can you believe it’s December? Where did this year go? Hopefully, you were optimizing, testing, and growing your business to successful heights. What key move did you make this year to increase revenue? No, seriously, we would love to know! Before we close out this year, we have one last lineup of amazing articles for you to explore.

This month we share articles relating to marketing. As we know, marketing is vital for any business. Marketing allows you to connect and engage with your intended audience, differentiating you from your competitors and reaching your target audience.

“Every aspect of marketing is entirely useless unless it produces conversions.” — Jeremy Smith

Today we learn from The Marketing Sherpa about customer-first marketing. Do progress bars help? Find out from Guess The Test. Need a great marketing book? Conversion Rate Experts has a list of the top books you need to be reading. And finally, VWO talks about measuring personalization success. 

Did you know using correct targeting and testing methods, you can boost your conversion rate by 300%?

Customer-First Marketing

The Marketing Sherpa shares case studies discussing why customer-first marketing is the best approach. It’s too easy to get sidetracked and lose sight of what matters; the customer. In this article, learn how to shift into a customer-first strategy.

All three case studies in this article are great, but the last one caught our eye. We learn how a law firm got twice as many reviews simply by asking for them. A reputation is everything to a lawyer, and they depend on quality reviews to generate and keep business.

As a rule, most law firms send out an end-of-action letter summarizing the case. It’s here that a request for a review is mentioned, we agree, not very personal. The law firm Paschal O’Hare decided to try a new approach and started calling or asking in person for a review. Using this new approach, this law firm saw a conversion rate increase of 25%! 

Do you have any personal contact with your consumers?

With or Without the Progress Bar

This month’s Guess The Test article has us asking if a progress bar is best. Greenhouse Group performed an A/B test for Dela, a Dutch insurance company. The test was to see if a three-step progress bar would improve their click-through rate (CTR).

What format do you think won? Yes, I also love a progress bar.

The results:

  • 16% increase in CTR from steps 1-2.
  • 18% increase in CTR from steps 2-3.
  • 18% increase in completed transactions.

Humans have a need to finish what we have started, which is why the progress bar works. Remember not to add too many steps or take too long on each step. Testing has shown a three-step progress bar works best. Below are some examples of different progress bars to consider.

Image Source: Guess The Test

Another reason we love Guess The Test is they explain how we can use this test to optimize our own sites. In this article, they go on to explain why visual clarity is so vital to your users. The ability to have clear, concise instructions is what will set you apart.

The Best Online Marketing Books

Conversion Rate Experts have compiled a list of 18 marketing books you “must read.” Let us highlight a few we also consider to be great reads.

First, let’s start with our favorite. The Dip is only 80 pages long but packed full of great ideas for you to try today. Easy to read, full of spunk, and eye-opening. We agree this is a must-read.

Image Source:

Another fan favorite is in its 4th edition, Tested Advertising Methods by John Caples. This copywriting legend will guide you through his tried and tested method. Learn how to write copy that targets buyers’ emotions.

Image Source:

Making Websites Win by Dr. Karl Blanks and Ben Jessen needs to be at the top of your wish list. This conversion optimization rate book explains in-depth how to apply customer-centric methods. Learn how to make a winning website!

Image Source:

Learn about other informative books in this extensive list.

How To Measure Personalization Success

VWO’S December article is one you want to keep for reference. Loaded with formulas to help calculate your standings and improve where needed. VWO teaches us about personalization and the significance of your marketing strategy.

In short- personalization is customizing the experience for returning users. It makes us feel special, feel seen. Once we can hone in on returning customers, our acquisition costs will lower. Below we will share a few of the formulas for better conversions.

Calculating Click-through rate (CTR):

Image Source:

By tracking the CTR, we better can understand our users. Personalization becomes easier when tracking past behavior, thus improving the UX. (User Experience)

Customer lifetime value (CLV)

Image Source:

Tracking the CLV is best used when you have a long-term association with a customer.

Be sure to read the entire article from VWO to gain a more in-depth understanding of personalization. Everyone wants a loyal customer base; learn how to secure yours.

In Conclusion

Understanding our customers and users is the keyway to improve conversions. The best way to do this is through testing; consistent A/B testing will set you apart from your competitors.

Did you know that, on average, for every $92 spent acquiring customers, only $1 is used to convert them? We need to do everything we can to optimize our conversion rate, and companies that allocate funds to optimization tend to see increased conversions.

As we say goodbye to 2022, we invite you to contact us for a free audit. Let’s see what’s working and what needs attention. Remember, conversions are all about testing.

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Author: Ayumi

Hi, I’m Kurt Philip, the founder & CEO of Convertica. I live and breathe conversion rate optimization. I hope you enjoy our findings.

We’ve worked with over 1000 businesses in the last 6 years.
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Conversion Optimization Round-up – December 2021

Conversion Optimization Round-up – December 2021

Can you believe this year is almost over? We are proud to say this year we delivered some stellar articles from the biggest movers and shakers in our industry. We hope you took the information provided and made the most of it. 2022 won’t be any different- make sure you stay tuned.

Closing out the year, we have an informative line-up of articles for you. First, a stand-out experiment from Guess the Test, asking what landing page design radically increased conversions by over 300%!

Next, we bring you an article from the Marketing Sherpa about Conversion Rate Optimization tools, with five real-life case studies to help get you on the right track.

VWO shares a user guide into A/B testing. What is it? How to do it, and why? And finally, this month, a fascinating article from Invesp diving into 5 difficult questions you should know the answers to but might not.

Let’s break these down a little further.

Guess the Test- Which Design Increased Conversions By Over 300%?

This month Guess the Test compares Version A – Landing page featuring icons with skimmable text with Version B – Radically redesigned landing page focused on a benefit-based copy. Can you believe one over the other had an increase of 336%!?

We don’t want to give away the answer, but let’s say we got this one right. Did you?

Guess The Test

Marketing Case Studies with Brands That Used 5 Types of CRO Tools

The Marketing Sherpa starts their article with a simple question, what is a conversion rate optimization tool? It seems like a simple question however, far too many don’t have a more in-depth answer. It is so much more than just A/B testing.

The Marketing Sherpa shares case studies from companies using 5 types of CRO tools. One case study shares how a circuit board manufacturer increased conversion rates by 17% by simply optimizing for specific device types. 

We found the case study about an e-commerce business that moved away from discounts to increase profits by $17,500 eye-opening. Like always, the Marketing Sherpa knows how to put a case study together.

Marketing Sherpa

A Guide to User Testing

This latest article from VWO breaks A/B testing down for us.

We get answers about what A/B user testing really is? 3 steps to conducting impactful user testing, and how a well-run user test can drive conversions. This one comes with some great examples not to be missed.

One of the steps described is about using the right audience for your testing. Are these people my core audience? What is my demographic? This article is well written, easy to follow, and is sure to help you get on the right track.


5 Difficult CRO Questions you Should Know

In this article from Invesp, they break down 5 difficult conversion rate optimization questions you should have the answers for.

Questions such as does more traffic mean more conversions? And what’s the hardest thing about experimentation?

They also discuss what a reasonable uplift is after running a successful CRO program. What can you expect? You put in all the hard work, now you need to know if it’s working. They will lay it all out for you in this great article.


In Summary

Between VWO offering us a guide to user testing, the Marketing Sherpa with case studies all about companies using CRO to maximize returns, and Invesp asking some tough questions, this month allows you opportunities for some real growth. 

As we close out the year, we hope 2021 brought your business growth and insight. We thrive on offering you the best of the best and will continue to do so in the coming year.

So what changes are you going to be implementing this month?

Until next year.

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Author: Ayumi

Hi, I’m Kurt Philip, the founder & CEO of Convertica. I live and breathe conversion rate optimization. I hope you enjoy our findings.

We’ve worked with over 1000 businesses in the last 6 years.
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Conversion Optimization Round-up – November 2021

Conversion Optimization Round-up – November 2021

Month after month, we strive to deliver you with the best of the best. Our goal is to help you do everything you can to succeed! What do the best companies all have in common? A desire to always be improving. What have you done this month to improve your business? What steps have you taken to reach a higher conversion? Let us give you a few examples to set you on the right path.

We have a stellar line-up for you this month, with CXL presenting you with 7 landing page examples that will make you stop and question where you could be doing better. 

Widerfunnel offers us a case study about The Motley Fool and how they increased paid subscriptions by over 11%! They also discuss how experimentation is the key to growth. 

You will get a lot out of the article from Unbounce who discusses 5 ways to use scarcity on your landing page. They also look into the psychology of scarcity – we found this super interesting!

Then, Guess the Test provides us with another great experiment, this time about using emoji’s in your emails or not. Do they motivate? And finally, the Marketing Sherpa gives you 3 great case studies all about optimization.

Let us begin with CXL and landing page examples.

7 Landing Page Examples & User Journey Breakdowns to Swipe for Inspiration

Did you know most landing pages are ineffective, with an average conversion rate of only 4.6% across all industries? CXL shares with you 7 landing page examples from those who are standing out from the pack.

One of the companies used as an example is Headspace. They are a powerful example of how to design a landing page for bottom-of-funnel visitors. This landing page does 3 things incredibly well, including effective use of social proof. Be sure to read on to find out what other 2 tactics Headspace uses.

Another company standing out above the rest is Lyft ridesharing service. Lyft shows why it pays to know your audience. With a landing page directed to play on your emotions, they directly target their audience in ways others often avoid. Read on to find out what other ways Lyft stands out from the rest.


In this article, you will find a breakdown of 5 other companies and what they are doing to stand out and stand above their competition. There is something for everyone in this in-depth article.

How The Motley Fool increased paid subscriptions by over 11%

We love it when Widerfunnel does a case study. In this article, they look deep into the highly successful business from The Motley Fool.  When those around you are making waves, you want to know why.

That’s what this article is all about, finding out exactly how The Motley Fool started generating key customer insights to uncover millions in uncovered revenue. Follow this experiment outline in your business and see where you could be doing better.

Widerfunnel (

5 Ways to Use Scarcity on Your Landing Page to Boost Your Sales

We found this article from Unbounce very interesting – discussing human nature and your landing page. This article will dive into the psychology behind scarcity in our everyday lives and how to translate that same psychology into your landing page. 

One of the ways discussed is the sense of urgency conveyed on your landing page. Unbounce provides some key terms commonly used as well as what not to do. Remember there is a fine line between being too pushy and inspiring urgency. If your copy sounds too aggressive, it may raise some flags. Don’t forget to find out what the #1 scarcity tactic you need to implement today is!

Unbounce (

Can You Guess Which Test Won? With or without the clock emojis in the email subject line?

We don’t want to give away the answer on this latest test from Guess the Test, but let’s just say we didn’t get the answer right. What do you think is best? Adding emojis to the email subject line or leaving them out? 

Guess The Test (

As always, Guess the Test puts together a thorough experiment, one you can take results from with great confidence. So, did you guess right?

Landing Page Optimization, Search Engine Optimization, and Paid Search Optimization: 3 quick marketing case studies

Once again, the Marketing Sherpa shares with us some quick case studies focusing on our favorite subject, optimization. We look into the newly popular LIVESTORM to see how a company with almost no brand awareness set out to gain a higher rating than Zoom. Learn how using a competitor comparison landing page attracted 6% of the organic traffic this web conferencing software obtained.

Marketing Sherpa (

Another case study provided by the Marketing Sherpa shows how a Health system shifts paid search strategy from regional-based to location-specific, increasing conversion by 111%! Yes, you read that right, 111%. This case study lays it all out for you.

And finally, we were intrigued to learn how an event management company increased landing page optimization conversions by 40%! This idea is just genius, one I know we want to do further testing on to see how well it can work for us. If you implement this one, you have to let us know how it goes.


Regardless of the size of your business, there is always room for improvement. Remember, if you are not moving forward and finding new ways to grow, you will get left behind. We hope you find these articles from some of the most trusted names in the game beneficial. What changes are you going to implement this month to get you closer to your goals? 

If you have any questions about anything you read today, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Until next month.

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Author: Ayumi

Hi, I’m Kurt Philip, the founder & CEO of Convertica. I live and breathe conversion rate optimization. I hope you enjoy our findings.

We’ve worked with over 1000 businesses in the last 6 years.
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Conversion Optimization Round-up – October 2021

Conversion Optimization Round-up – October 2021

Do you know what some of the wealthiest entrepreneurs have in common? They are teachable and are always looking for ways to improve and adapt. Do you share this trait? If so, then you will want to jump into this month’s list of articles from websites we have come to trust. Ask yourself, are you doing all you can do to maximize conversions?

This month we share an article from the ever-popular Linear where they share 11 reasons why your landing page isn’t converting and how to fix themGuess the Test asks the question Guest Checkout or Not. Next, the Marketing Sherpa teaches us how to solve three types of customer needs through marketing. Widerfunnel will help you grow revenue with a bit of CRO and UX research. And finally, we look at VWO for a guide to user testing.

11 Reasons Why Your Landing Page Isn’t Converting (and ways to fix it)

Be sure to read this article to determine why your conversion rate is not where you want it to be. From a buried purpose and mixed signals to a lack of incentive, these could be a few of the problems you are facing.

Linear Design (

Another problem Linear talks about – are your landing page and your homepage the same? You might be surprised to learn this is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. Learn what the three common differences between a homepage and landing page are and how to make yours stand out from the competition.

This article is well written and offers real-life solutions to the problems most attributed to conversion issues. Don’t forget to download Linear’s essential landing page checklist.

With or Without the Guest Checkout Button?

Yes, it’s true, we want as much information from our customers as possible, but at what cost. Is a one-time sale better than nothing? Or is it best to insist on your customer’s information through a sign-up form? 

Guess The Test (

The testing team this month used four formats to determine what’s best. Is it best with or without the guest checkout button? Two tests with the guest checkout and two without. Which one do you think won?

Three Types of Customer Needs and How to Solve Them

In this great article, the Marketing Sherpa will share some case studies from companies who are solving their customer’s needs with marketing.

The first case study comes from a skin care company that launched a refill program that became 15% of the business. Not only that but saved their customers up to 30%. This outcome is one of those win-win-win scenarios.

Another case study they share is a software company that gets a 4% conversion rate by aggregating its data to help customers make better decisions. Once again, the Marketing Sherpa helps guide our way.

Growing Revenue with CRO and UX Research

As an eCommerce business owner, you are always looking at acquiring new customers and growing your market share. Widerfunnel teaches us how to combine CRO and UX research to help your company make a more impactful change in your customer’s digital experience.

This article explores how combining Rate Optimization (CRO) and User Experience (UX) can work together to unlock new opportunities. Opportunities such as avoiding stagnation through constant innovation.

They also answer the question, what do people really want? People are complex, but allowing CRO and UX to work together, enables us to validate insights and gain a higher conversion rate. It’s why we are here, right?

“One of the most humbling things about experimentation is that it’s impossible to predict the outcome of changes made to the user experience. After all, if this were possible, there would be no need to test.”

Michael St. Laurent, Director of Experimentation Strategy & Product Development, Widerfunnel

Widerfunnel (

A Guide to User Testing (What is it? How To Do It and Why You Need To)

You are going to want to keep this guide for reference. VWO will cover what User Testing is and offer you a breakdown of three steps to conducting impactful user testing. Step two talks about asking the right question to surface meaningful feedback.


Customer feedback is one of the best ways to solve problems that we may have turned a blind eye to addressing. We understand gathering user data doesn’t sound like fun. But the whole point is to improve your site, conversions, and ultimately your revenue.

This guide will break it all down for you and help you gain the conversions you want.


At the end of the day, the fundamentals of conversion rate optimization are to always be optimizing your website. You want to keep your customers happy, keep them purchasing your goods and services, and ultimately coming back again and again.

Until next month.

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