Conversion Optimization Round-up – April 2023

As the month draws to a close, we have gathered many insightful articles and resources to help you optimize your conversions. In this month’s round-up, we selected top-notch content to enhance your knowledge and understanding of consumer behavior, conversion rate optimization, and lead generation tactics.

One of this month’s round-up highlights is an article from Guess the Test that dives into whether to show the price or the features in advertising. It explores the benefits and drawbacks of each approach. We also feature an article by VWO that challenges you to check your conversion rate optimization rates and presents solutions for revenue growth. 

Nutshell shares some tips on optimizing lead forms for better conversions. The article presents nine tactics businesses can use to increase lead generation rates and drive more revenue. Finally, we have an article from Conversion showcasing six advanced experiments businesses can use to maximize profits during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping season. 

Let’s dive in! 

Finances or Features: Which Format Won?

This month, Guess The Test asks us if showcasing features or finances is best. What was your guess? 

Yup, option B won this race. It was proven that the format with all the listed finances didn’t do as well as the format displaying features. But why? It was shown that the need to open the email was gone once all the finances were revealed. But why?

Research shows that when a product is displayed first and then the price, the consumers decide based on the quality of the product rather than the price determining the purchase. On the flip side, if the price is displayed first, the consumer will assess if the cost seems worth it. 

Remember, the best time to show the price depends on whether you want to promote the product’s value or features. 

What Does a Low Conversion Rate Say About Your Website?

Have you been wondering why your conversion rate is low? This informative article from VWO shares insightful information on what could be your issue and how to solve them.

Check out these six reasons why your conversion rate might be slow. 

Below are a few that stood out to us. Read on to learn how to improve these rates using the tips you learn today.

  • Unclear call-to-action buttons

If a visitor is confused about where the CTA is or what it is trying to convey, your user will get confused and simply leave. Make your CTA stand out; make it foolproof. 

  • Broken checkout process

Is your checkout process long and confusing? If so, this could be a huge reason for low conversion rates. We need it simple, and forms that ask for too much information or are too personal will get left in the dust. Walk through your process and see if it’s easy, straightforward, and uses autofill options. 

  • Low-quality images

When we use many low-quality stock images, we welcome confusion amongst our users. High-quality images or branded visuals help build user engagement and, in turn, your conversions.

Continue reading this article for more tips and techniques to optimize your conversion rate. 

9 Lead Form Optimization Tactics to Increase Conversions

You don’t want to miss this informative article from Nutshell. Learn nine great tactics for lead form optimization. 

First, what is lead form optimization? It refers to structuring your online forms to generate more quality leads. 

Below are a few tactics that stood out to us. 

  1. Put your forms above the fold line: How often do you make it to the very end of a webpage? Not often, right? Make it visible to your users. 
  2. Use compelling call-to-actions (CTAs): You need to catch your users’ attention and make it clear what they have to do. Using color to draw attention is an excellent technique to use.
  3. Apply an intuitive form layout: Making your form user-friendly will help users complete the form and generate leads. Use white space, and make sure the field size matches the answer length. Ask questions in a free-flowing approach. 

We need to remember to optimize our site for maximum conversions constantly. This article from Nutshell will surely spark a few A/B tests in your future. 

Peak season CRO: 6 advanced experiments to help you maximize profits

Have you optimized for high-traffic peak periods? This article from Conversion talks about these high-profit periods, such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 

Did you know that last Cyber Monday had record-breaking sales of over 11.3 billion, an increase of 5.3% from the previous year? We need to take notice of these peak periods and be ready. 

Below are a few of the experiments suggested by Conversion. 

  1. Sale countdown timers are a great way to create urgency and intrigue with your consumers. Be sure to test the right location for this timer.
  2. Delivery and collection is a big motivator. Did you know that 49% of consumers agreed that the reason for purchase was free shipping? Test what works best for your products or services.

This article goes on to discuss more experiments to try and discover what works best for your site. 

In Conclusion

We hope you find this month’s round-up informative and valuable. Remember, it comes down to the user experience; when we test and optimize our conversions, we see it in our profits. 

We wish you the best of luck in your marketing endeavors and look forward to sharing more insights.

Let’s end with a quote from Peter Drucker. “The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits them and sells itself.”

See you next month for more informative articles!

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