Conversion Optimization Round-up – August 2022

Can you believe it’s August already? Where has the time gone? For us, we have been working hard to find you the articles that are going to help you make those next steps forward.

This month we have an incredible lineup for you all concerning the customer experience and what you can do to learn more about them.

The Marketing Sherpa shares three great case studies about understanding the customer experience. VWO teaches us how personalization helps deliver the right customer experience. We share a very informative article from Optinmonster about creating an online challenge for your customersAnd finally, Invesp gives you the best examples of customer survey questions you should use.

Understanding Customer Experience

Prepare yourself for another stellar article from The Marketing Sherpa. It’s for this reason, we continue to seek out information from this great resource.

Three informative case studies are presented, but case study one had us shaking our heads with excitement. The CRO team at the wildly successful GoStudent tutoring company wanted to understand why so many American consumers were not converting when other countries were. It was time to test.

They used a four-arm bandit test to determine what call to action (CTA) would give the desired results. Below is what variations were tested.

  • BOOK A FREE TRIAL SESSION [Variation #1]
  • SIGN UP FOR A FREE TRIAL [Variation #2]
  • GET YOUR FREE TRIAL [Variation #3]

Image source: MarketingSherpa

Can you guess what variation had a change of 13% in CVR?

How Personalization Helps Deliver the Right Experience

Did you know consumers expect personalization? And no, I do not mean a mug with your name printed on it. The fastest moving companies are tapping into the wealth of data they already have. We must understand our users.

Below you will find the different data types you could use to add more personalization for your users.


This article from VWO continues going deep into the minds of our users and teaches us how to tap into them.

How to Create an Online Challenge Funnel to Explode Your List


Optinmonster is one of those blogs that goes into major detail. That’s why we love them!

This article teaches us how to create an online challenge funnel. We have heard from a few of you this is new lingo. So, what is a challenge funnel? A challenge funnel is a fantastic way to introduce new customers and users to your products and service.

The challenges serve as a freebie to encourage new users to join your email list. Typically, a contest moves your new user through the funnel, with the end result being a new sale or user.

This article goes step by step through the whole process from:

  • How to create an online challenge that brings in leads
  • How to promote your challenge funnel
  • Why do online challenges work so well?

Don’t miss this informative article from Optinmonster.

The Best Examples of Customer Satisfaction Survey Questions

You may think you have created a top-notch product or service, but the real judge is your customers. If they don’t think you have it, then you don’t. It’s that simple. So how do we get inside the heads of our consumers? We ask them to complete a customer satisfaction survey.

Below are four popular customer satisfaction surveys Invesp shares for you to try today.

  1. Customer Satisfaction Score
  2. Customer Effort Score
  3. Net Promoter Score
  4. Milestone Survey

Read on to learn more about each survey.

From start to finish, this article has you covered. Don’t forget the post-survey follow-up steps, and Invesp talks about how important the follow-up is. Here are the four steps you need to take after a customer completes a survey for you.

  1. Thank the respondent
  2. Address negative feedback
  3. Go through every feedback
  4. Address any concerns and make a plan for corrective action.

Thanks for another great article Invesp.

In Summary

Our customers and users hold power over how successful we are, and if we don’t listen to them, we will get left behind. Let us close with a quote I love from Jeff Fuhriman, he says:

 “If you don’t listen closely to your most valuable or ideal users and customers, you’re going to have a hard time creating relevant, valuable content.” 

Until next time.

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