Conversion Optimization Round-up – January 2023

A new year brings new possibilities, new insights, and new goals.

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is finding ways to understand your users better. When we can optimize, we build trust. Our users have a better experience; we see an improved ROI. That’s the goal, right?

This month is filled with strategies, tips, and techniques you can implement today. 

The Marketing Sherpa shares three case studies about marketing relevance. The article from Invesp is filled with tips for Shopify CRO beginners. Guess The Test answers if the human or AI-generated copy tested better. What’s New In Publishing explains why headline testing has a lasting impact on engagement.

Let us begin with Optinmonster, which brings us 40 hacks to boost conversions.

Exit-Intent Popups: 40 Hacks To Boost Conversions in 2023

In this well-informed article from Optinmonster, they explain why exit-intent popups, could be your secret weapon. 40 great hacks exposed.

First, what are exit-intent popups? Exit-intent popups are proven to recover abandoned users. While using a targeted approach, we can show our users special offers designed to entice them.

Did you know exit popups convert around 5%? Making them convert higher than landing pages and display ads. 

Here are just a couple of the 40 hacks that stood out to us.

  • Give a Quiz – who can resist a quiz? One of the best lead magnets used. Personalized information is given, allowing you to gain insights into your users.
  • Give a Yes/No Choice – we love this popup. It gives off the effect of a right or wrong choice. Inherently we want to make the right choice. Keep in mind the color of the CTA buttons.
  • Give a Chance to Win – some users need a little push to give information. In the example below, this company offers a chance to win a free t-shirt. Digital downloads are also common.

Image Source: OptinMonster

Learn more about these hacks and 37 others in this complete article from Optinmonster. 

Shopify CRO for Beginners: Essential Tips and Strategies

Shopify continues to be one of the most popular tools for e-commerce businesses. This article dives into the tips and strategies for Shopify CRO users.

Did you know that Shopify has 2.5 million active daily users?!?

Shopify Conversion Rate Optimization uses techniques and strategies to increase your CRO. Below are a couple of the 10 tips in this article you can implement today. 

Showcase Reviews and Testimonials: 

  • Increases trust.
  • Build a connection with your target audience.
  • Social proofs that your product is good.

Did you know that 72% of consumers say positive reviews help them trust a business more? And 88% of consumers will trust online reviews just as much as personal recommendations.

Image Source: invespcro

Always Show Pricing 

If no price is displayed, people will assume a high price or that there is a catch or hidden fees.

  • Showing the price shows transparency
  • Builds trust and credibility

Continue to this article from Invesp as they share six great experiments about disclosure not to be missed.

Use Shopify Heatmaps

Ever wonder what page of your site gets the most attention? With Shopify’s heatmaps, this is possible.

You can use this information to improve site quality and user experience.

You can learn more about Shopify CRO in this strategy-filled article.

Which Wording Won? Human or AI-generated Copy?

Guess The Test takes on the age-old debate; Man vs. Machine. Who do you think won? Let’s just say I got this one wrong. Did anyone else pick the machine?

Although I got this one wrong, had I looked a little deeper, I would have seen the true winner. The human copy used social proofs and addressed a pain point, and this combination would resonate more with the user. 

Image Source:

This article goes on to talk about your HERO image. This image is your first impression, and it’s what users first see when landing on your page.

Did you know users decide on your site in just 40 milliseconds? Learn more about your hero image and how to test if it’s the one for you.

Headline Testing, And Its Impact on Engagement

Headline testing is something we all should be doing. According to What’s New In Publishing they say that, successful headline testers are those who build testing into their culture.

A few key points:

  • Headline testing drives engagement
  • Consistency is vital for success
  • The more you test, the more you drive engagement

Headline testing is becoming increasingly popular. It’s stated that some of the largest publishers in the world run upwards of 1,000 tests a week.

Marketing Relevance: Right Offer, Right Time, Right Person

One of the most difficult challenges to marketing effectiveness is staying relevant. Easier said than done. Right?

Flint McGlaughlin says you need three elements to succeed.

  1. The Right Offer
  2. The Right Time
  3. The Right Person

Align these elements, and you are bound to see results.

The second case study stood out to us. Learn how a marketing agency grew its YouTube subscribers from 5,000 to 455,000 in only 100 days!

After some of the recent TikTok scrutiny, this company set to launch a 100-day YouTube video campaign, repurposing TikTok videos. Knowing what worked on TikTok helped kickstart this campaign. Another element is timing. YouTube had just announced that you could use the vertical video format, and people who view your reels with be directed to your long format. Proving timing is everything.

Another key to this huge jump in subscribers was the community tab. Having the ability to engage with new subscribers and commenters instantly was another great way to connect.

Image Source:

In Conclusion

The more a company can trust you, the more likely they will tell others about their experience.

With trust comes dependability, reliability, and credibility. Focus on creating a smooth user experience; the results will come.

There’s no recipe for overnight success, but testing will get you closer.

Until next month.

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