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First off, we thought you should know about the most common conversion killers that are likely hurting your profits. Then, the importance of communicating your value proposition correctly.

Moving on to conducting experiments to achieve product evolution. You’ll also learn about powerful A/B testing solutions for your e-commerce store. Finally, implementing a bold guarantee to increase sales.

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Conversion Killers: The Definitive Guide

This article series is brimming with great reads, resources, and examples to increase your website’s conversions. First, the series introduces you to the most common conversion killers and how to spot and overcome them.

One of the emphases in this guide is the importance of learning to write clearly. Using jargon and stuffing your content with hard-to-read sentences will only be a disservice to readers.

Conversion Rate Experts

It’s a given that visitors won’t convert if they don’t understand and trust you or your products. Our job here is to ensure that we can deliver what our visitors desire, including the information they need.

As you read through the series, you’ll learn to organize your copy so that visitors can effortlessly see what they need. This includes fixing your headings by turning them into “teasers” or “spoilers”.

There are also helpful techniques to better deal with competition and outsmart your competitors in this ultra-competitive market.

Your 2021 Guide to Creating (and Optimizing) a Value Proposition

Unbounce talks about value propositions and why they should clearly impart what your brand can offer and its overall value to your audiences. 

If you’re wondering how you can create your own value propositions, you can start by understanding the three main parts:

  1. Your solution to your customers’ problem
  2. The specific benefits you offer
  3. The strengths that set you apart from your competition


In addition, they further explain why and how these three elements can help your landing pages stand out. They provide samples of landing pages from specific industries like software as a service (SaaS), e-commerce, and professional services. Finally, Unbounce emphasizes that value propositions should “offer clear-cut benefits convincing the audience to choose you.”

How Experiments Guide Growth at Thumbtack

Alpesh Gaglani, Director of Engineering at Thumbtack, shared how they conduct experiments to guide product development and the complexity innate in running these experiments. Thumbtack is a local services marketplace where customers find and hire skilled professionals.

He mentioned how engagement can be increased by enabling customers to refine their search or filter keywords based on specific criteria. For example, a customer wants to hire a birthday party caterer specializing in preparing food with dietary restrictions or an appliance installer specializing in repairs or installation of a particular brand.

Through this, customers yield quick results and help customers find the right professionals who can do the job for them.



Having a good experimentation structure paves the way to data-driven decisions and creating products or services appropriate to the market demand.

Finally, he also emphasized the importance of cultivating an amazing culture that rewards success and seeing failures as an avenue of learning. This allows them to super-charge their growth.

Powerful A/B Testing Solutions for Your eCommerce Store



VWO walks you through a better approach in A/B testing that will increase your chances of getting meaningful, positive results. In addition, this article points out Google Analytics’ role in telling you where to focus your efforts, thanks to its Funnel Visualization Report. 

Although it tells you which part of the funnel is the weakest link, it does not reveal why it is not working.

Hence, the need to employ tools like:

  1. Surveys and polls
  2. User testing
  3. Competitors and other big eCommerce stores
  4. Customer service logs

These methods can generate significant insights and valuable results that help improve metrics and develop solutions to the problem.

How to do Guarantees Right. And How we Grew a Business by 49% by Adding a Guarantee.

This article from the Conversion Rate Experts talks about when and why guarantees work.

A guarantee helps customers feel at ease as it reduces the risk for them if the company does not deliver what it claims.

Guarantee example

Conversion Rate Experts

This is evident when they implemented a bold guarantee for Geeks2U— to augment the already-great service offered. Just by adding a guarantee on the page, the initial test generated 11% more orders, which increased to 21% when a more specific and prominent version was used. 

Then another experiment with a new variation using a single, powerful sentence, supported with a simple visual, resulted in 24% more conversions. These tests garnered them an overall improvement of 49% over the original “guarantee-less” page. 

In addition, they also pointed out the use of positive terms to deliver a positive promise like “We guarantee that you’ll love our service.” Instead of “If you dislike our service….” 

If you are curious about crafting a guarantee, a 9-step checklist for implementing a bold yet safe guarantee is also discussed in the article.

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