Conversion Optimization Round-up – May 2024

This month’s CRO round-up features four impactful strategies to enhance user engagement and conversion rates. Discover how encouraging users to scroll down your page can significantly boost conversions by making long pages more engaging. We also feature a case study which highlights a 43% conversion increase by simplifying trial forms and removing unnecessary fields. 

VWO’s blog post on website personalization demonstrates how leveraging customer data to create tailored experiences can enhance engagement and satisfaction. Lastly, Guess The Test shows that adding a next-day delivery countdown timer on the checkout page increased transactions by 7.51%, emphasizing the importance of urgency and consistent messaging.

Read on below!

How to make users scroll down your page

Encouraging users to scroll can significantly boost engagement and conversions. Long pages often outperform shorter ones, but only if users are aware of and motivated to scroll. This article offers insights into optimizing page length and user engagement.

Key points in this article are:

  1. Why test long pages?
  2. Understanding the fold. 
  3. Techniques to encourage scrolling.

Long pages are effective when users are aware they can scroll and have compelling reasons to do so. Regular testing and optimization, such as using scroll maps, are essential to improving user engagement and conversion rates.

Quick Case Study: How reducing form fields on tech company’s software trial form improved conversion by 43%

Bacula Systems, a data backup provider, improved trial form conversions by 43% by simplifying their form. Initially, the form included fields for lead qualification, asking about Bacula usage and the number of machines. These fields caused friction and incorrect data submissions.

So they tested a form without these fields. The simplified form boosted the conversion rate from 2.4% to 3.44%, while maintaining lead quality. This change led to more leads without extra marketing costs, prompting Bacula to implement similar simplifications across all their webforms.

Understanding Website Personalization: Examples to Help You Get Started

Website personalization involves creating customized experiences for visitors based on their preferences, behavior, and demographics. By leveraging customer data such as identification details, behavioral insights, and purchase habits, businesses can drive personalized experiences at scale, enhancing user engagement and satisfaction. This approach not only increases conversions but also builds customer loyalty.

Examples of effective personalization include: 

  • Spotify curates personalized playlists using listening history and favorite genres.
  • Hubspot tailors course recommendations based on user history and engagement.
  • Expedia personalizes landing pages and offers based on past searches and bookings.

With or Without the Next Day Delivery Timer?

EchoLogyx conducted an A/B test for GSF Car Parts to determine if adding a next-day delivery countdown timer to the checkout page would increase conversions. Previously, adding this timer to the product and basket pages had proven effective. In this test, including the countdown timer on the checkout page increased completed transactions by 7.51%, from 48.78% to 52.45%, with a statistically significant effect at 99.9% confidence.

Key Takeaways:

Create Urgency with Countdown Timers: Adding a next-day delivery countdown timer on the checkout page significantly boosts conversions by creating a sense of urgency. Shoppers are more likely to complete their purchase quickly to avoid missing out on timely delivery.

Maintain Consistent Messaging: Extending the shipping notice and countdown timer to multiple pages ensures consistent messaging, reinforcing the urgency at key touchpoints. This approach reassures users and helps maintain their focus throughout the purchasing process.

Testing the impact of adding countdown timers and maintaining consistent shipping messaging across product, cart, and checkout pages can help convert hesitant shoppers into buyers.

We hope you enjoyed this month’s Conversion Rate Optimization Round-up!

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