Conversion Optimization Round-up – September 2022

The end of the year is fast approaching..are you on track with your end of year goals? If you need some ideas to increase your conversions then you’ve come to the right place. 

In this month’s round-up we’ve got some brand new articles which cover not only website optimization, but Facebook ads A/B testing and email marketing conversions.

We also bring you a guide for mobile conversion rate optimization and server-side testing.

Read on to find out more.

Facebook A/B Testing – Complete Guide for New Campaign Improvements [2022]

Let’s start with the basics. What is Facebook ads testing?

In a nutshell it’s testing to find the best ad campaign structure and best ad creatives that appeal to your audience.

Testing frequently should significantly lower your ad spend. 

So what can you test on Facebook ads? At the campaign level you can select what your campaign objective is, such as traffic, sales, leads and so on. Then at the ad set level you can test your target audience and ad delivery optimization.

Image source: LinearDesign

At the ad level, testing different ad creatives is what really counts. It prevents ad fatigue, where people get tired of seeing the same ads all the time which results in a plateau or decline of ad performance.

For example, you can test the ad format  (image, video, carousel, collection), the ad text, call-to-action, landing page, to name a few. 

Read the rest of the in-depth guide to see step by step how to set up a Facebook ad test.

Which personalized email subject line won on mobile?

In this test, the team wanted to determine which email subject line compelled the pet owners to complete a pet insurance quote. 

If you guessed option A, then you guessed right. 

They hypothesized that owners scanning their inbox would be more inclined to open an email containing their pets name. 

The results speak for themselves:

  • 5.26% lift in unique open rates
  • 1.12% increase in unique clickthrough rates
  • 1.53% more click-to-sale conversions

Read the full article for a thorough discussion of the results. 

CRO for mobile: 12 tried-and-tested strategies to boost your mobile conversion rates

With more than half the time spent online now being on mobile, rather than desktop, it’s never been more important to test on mobile to increase conversion rates. 

Despite this, the latest studies show that mobile conversion rates are significantly lower than desktop. shows us how it’s done, with 12 strategies to share. Below is one example:

Payment and checkout must be a smooth and easy process for people on mobile that’s able to be completed in just a few clicks. So it’s worth integrating various digital wallets. Following this, it’s recommended to have a single sign-up option as shown below. 

This will reduce the number of steps required for customers to checkout and increase trust.

Check out their other suggestions in the full article. 

How To Go From Zero to One in Your Server-Side Experimentation Journey

So what is server side testing?

It’s where test variations are processed on the web server and not on the front end or the browser. In client side testing, the web page loads first in the browser, and the testing platform shows the test variations using Javascript. 

So what can be tested using server side testing?

Different product recommendations, shipping fees, search algorithms, form lengths, deals and discounts are just a few of the cases.


Server side testing allows you to run complex tests to solve real issues faced by your customers and improve their overall experience. 

Sounds like a no brainer to us!

In Summary

There are many options for A/B testing, not limited to websites or desktop. 

We hope these articles give you some new ideas for what can be tested. While the learning curve may be steep, the results will be well worth it!

Until next time.

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