Learn a Complete Step-By-Step System

for Conversion Rate Optimization

Don't get left behind. Learn one of the most in demand skills in internet marketing.

You or your clients have spent the time to build your website, drive traffic and make sales. But what now?

SEO is becoming more difficult, Facebook ads are becoming more expensive and Adwords is becoming overpriced.

If you are reading this page, you have already taken an interest in Conversion Rate Optimization. You have already shown an interest in a topic that will allow you to become more profitable than ever before.

Imagine being able to pull 30-50% percent more profit out of your website from the same SEO traffic or ad spend.

This will allow you to potentially spend more on your SEO efforts or up your ad spend, pushing you ahead of your competition.

Not only that but your website will be worth 30-50% more within 3-6 months. Consistently, on multiple websites.


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Kurt here. CEO & Founder of Convertica.



Learn the exact strategies developed from working with these clients:

How does the CRO Academy Pro Work?

All the course content will be delivered in the CRO ACADEMY PRO Private Facebook Group.

The Masterclasses are designed to take you from a beginner in Affiliate & Lead Generation CRO to implementing advanced techniques that increases your revenue by 30%+.

We release the content over 6 units to make sure you learn & apply what we teach.

How the Training is Structured.

Unit 1: CRO Foundations

  • What is CRO?
  • Understanding Split Testing
  • Statistical Significance
  • Understanding 80/20
  • Creating Winning Campaigns
  • Understanding Heat maps

Training Videos: 12

Unit 2: Split Testing Like a Pro

  • Introduction to split testing
  • Setting up your first AB tests
  • Setting up your first split URL Tests
  • Website Setup and SEO Safety

Training Videos: 9

Unit 3: Affiliate & Lead Generation Strategy & Implementation

  • Affiliate Strategy
  • Affiliate Strategy & Implementation
  • Lead Generation Website Strategy
  • Lead Generation Website Implementation

Training Videos: 12

Unit 4: Understanding Data & Drawing Conclusions

  • Understanding Raw Data
  • Understanding User Segmentation
  • Calling a Winner
  • Rolling a Test Live and Starting Test 2

Training Videos: 5

Unit 5: Advanced CRO Tactics

  • Amazon Product Lineup Optimization 
  • Amazon Sales Data Analysis
  • Bonus Process Recap

Training Videos: 3

Unit 6: Complete CRO Competency

  • Team Structuring
  • Team Scaling
  • Agency Takeaways

Training Videos: 2

Free Bonuses

Never lose your way with our STEP-BY-STEP Trello board to-do list

Free VWO Access: Our Prefered Split Testing Platform

Learn and Apply what we teach. We give you one month FREE access to VWO.

Worth $997, absolutely FREE.

CRO Academy Pro

What is included:

✅ 43 in depth training videos
✅ Access to copy and paste swipe files & templates
✅ Access to our in-house reporting system
✅ FREE VWO Split testing software 1 month access
✅ Access to our easy to follow Trello board checklist
✅ Access to members only facebook community
✅ Direct access to the Convertica team

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one-time-payment, no more to pay. 100% secure & 30 day refund guarantee.

We are removing 100% of the risk for you to sign up today by giving you a full, no questions asked refund if you don’t absolutely LOVE the CRO Academy PRO in the first 30 days on your first purchase!