How To Find Your Top Pages Using Google Analytics

1. First, login to your Google Analytics account, then click on ‘Behaviour’, and select ‘Overview’ from the left hand side menu.


2. Select your date range. We will need to see the last 30 days for our audit.


3. Scroll down on the ‘Behaviour Overview’ page and you will see a list of your top ten pages for traffic. Take a screenshot of this, see example below.


4. Once you have the screenshot, please send it through to us and we will prepare an audit for your site.

If your website uses GA 4, please follow the steps below


  1. First, login to your Google Analytics account, then click on ‘Reports’ in the left hand side menu.


  1. Then select “Engagement” and then “Pages and screens”.
  1. Here you should be able to see your top 10 pages by number of views. Please make sure you have the last 30 days selected in the date range. 

Please take a screenshot of the list of 10 pages and send through to us. 



Author: Kurt Philip

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  1. Christopher Spruell

    Long time fan, really just love you guys! I appreciate y’all your time and effort always!


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