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Featured Case Studies


[CASE STUDY] – 10Beasts: A Unique Affiliate Site Case Study

In November 2018, I did a presentation at the Chiang Mai SEO conference. I used 10Beasts as an example and discussed tweaks I would do to the website to increase its conversion rates. We signed them. Here is how it went down.

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[CASE STUDY] – Empire Flippers 51.6%+ Increase in Conversions in Just 47 Days

Today, I’d like to share a case study with you. Convertica’s experience working on the Empire Flippers valuation tool is the perfect example of the power of CRO done the right way….

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[CASE STUDY] – How we got JustThrive 100%+ Increase in Conversions in 3 months

 We’ve all been there:On the endless hamster wheel.You spend many long days and sleepless nights fighting tooth and nail to get more people to your site.

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[Affiliate CRO Blueprint] – See our Exact Process we used to Increase Authority Hacker’s Affiliate Revenue by 34.8%

How to do Conversion Rate Optimization on your affiliate website. Step-by-step 6,500+ word monster post.

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User Behaviour Services

Detailed User Analysis

Extensive data-collection and analysis of current user base behaviour on your site.
  • Onsite User Interaction
  • Heatmap Tracking
  • Detailed Data-collection
  • Custom Split Testing Strategy

Customised Services

A/B Split Testing

Experiments designed specifically for your web site and it’s visitors.
  • A/B Split Testing
  • Live Experiments
  • User Interface Design
  • Device-specific Strategy

Done-For-You Services

End to End CRO

Reader-friendly reporting of all experiments and data. Complete implementation of converting changes.
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Device-level breakdown
  • Full Website Implementation

More from our clients

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Introducing Convertica.

Convertica specialises in helping websites make more bottom-line revenue through maximising existing customer value.

We use the best conversion testing technologies available combined with over a decade experience in Conversion Rate Optimization to increase clients website revenue.

In over 12 months, we processed over 300 websites and succeeded in gaining an average increase in conversion of 42% for all our clients. It all started with our small boutique operation as CROGuy and grew into the full team we have today at Convertica.

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eCommerce Conversion Rate Optimization Case Study

We’ve all been there:On the hamster wheel.You spend many long days and sleepless nights fighting tooth and nail to get more people to your site.You work on your SEO endlessly,You spend a big chunk of your revenue on ads andYou hustle on social media as Gary V...

Scarcity Marketing Tactics used by the World’s Biggest Brands

16 seconds. That’s how quickly the $1800 Supreme x Rimowa 82L luggage sold out. It was an unlikely collaboration between a luxury brand and a streetwear company. There were no fancy ads or elaborate marketing campaigns. There was only a post on Instagram signaling to...

Perceived Value Theory 101

Imagine this: You're about to rescue a child stuck on the ledge of a cliff. There are two bags in front of you. Each bag contains a rescue kit. Here’s the kicker: One was made in Germany. The other in China. Which one would you pick? The bag you choose shows that you...

Why Most Affiliate Site Split-Tests Fail (and how to fix it)

I have discussed this topic in previous posts but there is still a lot of confusion about the triple set up for affiliate split tests. In this post I will walk through in more detail and show you the solution to a major issue for affiliate SEOs: How to run a split...