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What is a thank you page?

After accomplishing a task on your website – whether it be filling out a form, making an online purchase or even subscribing to updates – customers are greeted with something special:

A thank you page.

This simple and thoughtful gesture lets them know their action was noted, confirms the details of what they did … and then goes above and beyond by offering additional information regarding relevant services or encouraging social sharing for added convenience!

Reasons to include a thank you page

A thank you page is a great way to let customers know that their action on your website was successful these include the following purposes:

  • It serves as the final touchpoint in the customer journey, helping both confirm and reassure them that what they wanted to do has been completed correctly.
  • It is an opportunity for additional information such as order numbers or instructions about the next steps like downloading digital products or booking appointments – making sure every part of their experience with your brand is memorable!
  • It encourages customers to engage more with your website by having them follow the business on social media or subscribing to your newsletter.
  • It can make your visitors be open-minded enough for upselling and cross-selling related products or services which could lead to additional sales. You should also don’t forget about encouraging sharing – give them that push when they see a thank-you page asking them if they would like to share their experience with friends and family over social platforms as well. Thank you pages are not just great conversation starters.
  • Also, it can measure the effectiveness of all marketing campaigns through this one small but powerful addition to the customer journey too!

1.) Best practices for designing a thank you page

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  • Use of a clear and compelling headline

A great headline is essential to crafting an effective thank you page. It should be easily noticeable, simple yet captivating, and convey your message in a quick glance – all the while drawing customers in.

Having a clear and compelling headline on the thank you page can help to:

  1. Confirm the customer’s action: A headline that confirms the customer’s action, such as “Thank you for your purchase!” or “Your subscription is confirmed!” can provide customers with reassurance and a sense of accomplishment.
  2. Provide additional information: A headline that provides additional information, such as “Your download is ready!” or “Your appointment has been scheduled!” can help to guide customers to the next step in their journey.
  3. Encourage further engagement: A headline that encourages further engagement, such as “Stay connected with us on social media!” or “Sign up for our newsletter to stay informed!” can help to increase customer loyalty and engagement.
  4. Highlight the value of the customer’s action: A headline that highlights the value of the customer’s action, such as “Welcome to our exclusive community!” or “Congratulations on taking the first step towards achieving your goals!” can help to make the customer feel good about their decision.

By including a clear yet creative headline on the thank you page,  your customers should be feeling accomplished and confident!  such as “Your appointment is scheduled – stay connected to us!”, you can make them feel even more assured about their action. Plus, it will also provide additional information for their journey ahead or encourage further engagement with your brand — meaning increased customer loyalty.


  • Use of a personalized message

    pop up

Taking the extra step to create a personalized thank you page for your customers shows that you truly value their patronage. Whether it’s addressing them by name, expressing gratitude for their specific action, or tailoring the message in accordance with individual needs and interests, this small gesture can go a long way towards:

  • establishing an authentic connection between the company and the customer
  • Increasing of customer loyalty
  • providing deeper engagement opportunities through the personalization of call-to-actions
  • making marketing campaigns increasingly effective
  • Use of a clear CTA

Crafting an effective thank you page can be tricky, but including a clear and strong call to action is key. This CTA should stand out and clearly guide the customer to their next step – helping them remain engaged with your website for even better results.

Your thank you page isn’t just a sign-off – it’s an opportunity to:

  • capitalize on your customers’ engagement
  •  With the right call-to-action, you can encourage them to take steps like signing up for your newsletter or even making their next purchase with minimal hassle.
  • personalized messages
  • ensures that they get the information and guidance they need to stay connected without feeling overwhelmed by too many choices.
  • provide further details and direction in this manner, not only will conversions increase but so too will customer satisfaction as expectations are fulfilled.free demo, google calendar, upcoming webinar, purchase process
  • Use of social or public proof

Showing customers the value of your product or service can make all the difference in securing their loyalty. By utilizing public proof, you provide assurance that real people and experts alike have vouchsafed its quality—upping trust with customer reviews, ratings, and awards to demonstrate just how noteworthy it is!

Engage customers with social proof to strengthen trust and credibility in your brand. You can:

  • Show that you have a long record of satisfied clients, providing the evidence they require to make a purchase or take action – boosting conversions while making sure they know their decision is worthwhile. This will add an extra layer of assurance by substantiating the worth of what you’re offering
  • Establish trust and credibility with your customers by proving that others have found value in what you offer.
  • Demonstrate authority through awards, certifications, and strategic partnerships to show the industry just how powerful your business is.


2.) The benefits of a thank you page

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  • Increased engagement with the customer

Saying thank you is the key to building a lasting connection – it can create an uplifting and personalized experience for customers that encourages them to continue investing in your business.


There are several ways that a thank you page can increase engagement with the customer:

  1. Personalization: Thanking your customers by name goes a long way in showing that you value their loyalty. Personalizing a thank you page with specific greetings can help create an emotional connection and show them just how much they mean to the company.
  2. Call-to-action: A thank you page can be more than just a polite gesture – with the right kind of CTA, it could inspire customers to keep exploring your website and become even more engaged. Guiding them on their journey has never been easier!
  3. Additional information: Saying thank you has never been easier — or more rewarding. Strengthen your customer relations by giving them access to download links and account login information in the form of a stunning, engaging thank you page that creates an amazing user experience every time!
  4. Social proof: Show your appreciation to customers by providing public proof on a thank you page. Displaying customer testimonials and reviews can create trust and credibility, resulting in an increase in engagement with the brand.
  5. Upselling and Cross-selling: Show your appreciation to customers even after purchasing with a thank you page. You can make it more impactful by including product and service suggestions that are tailored to their interests; this will drive engagement, boosting the likelihood of another transaction!
  6. Surveys and Feedback: Giving customers the opportunity to provide their feedback on a thank you page is an amazing way for businesses to increase engagement and get valuable insights. Not only does it create more meaningful experiences, but also gives them the chance to improve their services and products based on customer opinions.
  • Increased conversion rates

Saying “thank you” can do wonders for your business! By providing customers with a personalized experience, they’ll feel appreciated and be more likely to take further action. A thank-you page is a perfect way of showing gratitude toward customers – leading to higher conversion rates!


  • Increased customer loyalty

Showing your customers appreciation is a great way to build loyalty. Thank you pages create an engaging, personal experience that lets them know they’re appreciated and valued – making them all the more likely to come back again!


  • Increased opportunity for upselling and cross-selling

Showing your appreciation doesn’t have to end with a simple thank you – it can be the perfect opportunity for upselling and cross-selling too! Upsells are when customers purchase an upgraded version of their already purchased product or service, while Cross-sells offer related items that extend what they’ve just bought. With these two tactics at play on your thank you page, there’s no limit to how much more value can be experienced by both customer and business alike!

  • Increased opportunity for upselling and cross-selling

Showing your appreciation doesn’t have to end with a simple thank you – it can be the perfect opportunity for upselling and cross-selling too! Upsells are when customers purchase an upgraded version of their already purchased product or service, while Cross-sells offer related items that extend what they’ve just bought. With these two tactics at play on your thank you page, there’s no limit to how much more value can be experienced by both customer and business alike!


3.) How to measure the effectiveness of a thank you page

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  • Use of analytics tools such as Google Analytics

Your thank you page is a vital barometer of the success of your online marketing efforts. Google Analytics can provide incredible insight into how effective this page truly is – and help identify areas for improvement as well! To get an accurate picture, it’s important to track metrics such as:

  1. Bounce Rate. The percentage of visitors that leave after viewing just one page
  2. Time on Site. Refers to how long people are engaging with this content
  3. Goal Completions. You can track just how successful your thank-you page is in achieving its desired action.
  4. Events tracking. This lets you delve into the behavior of visitors to get an understanding of their interactions with your webpage.
  5. Segments. In GA, it’s easy to analyze different groups’ performance after they’ve reached the thank-you page – giving insight on who completed actions and why!

With these insights in hand, you have all the information needed to see if adjustments need to be made – ensuring future campaigns hit their targeted goals each step along the way! 

  • A/B testing different versions of the thank you page

A/B testing is an invaluable tool for improving web page performance, and no better way to start than with a thank you page! Split-test two versions of your thank you message against each other to determine which one will optimize customer relations. Follow these simple steps for successful A/B testing:

  1. Identify the elements on your thank-you page that could use some improvement.
  2. Create different variations of them – e.g., change the headline or add personal message vs no personal message – then set this test up with tools like Google Optimize or Optimizely before running it and observing results in Analytics.
  3. Dig deep into the metrics to figure out which version of your thank you page resonated best with readers.
  4. After collecting data, make sure to implement the winning variation and keep an eye on its performance over time!

Constantly improving your website’s thank you page is key to a successful user experience. To make sure it resonates with customers, consider using A/B testing which serves as an ongoing means of analyzing variations and optimizing the content for the best results! Don’t forget that this data should be used in tandem with valuable qualitative research feedback – enabling businesses to craft pages tailored specifically for each visitor’s needs. There are also many cro professional services that offer A/B testing.



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  • The importance of a well-designed thank you page

A thank you page is more than just a formality; it’s the cherry on top of an excellent customer journey on a particular page. A well-crafted thank you page template helps create positive emotions within customers, driving them to become loyal supporters. Not only that but thank you pages are also great for tracking vital user data – so they’re beneficial both in terms of showing appreciation as well as gathering information.


Customers feel reassured and secure when they have a successful interaction with your website – like making purchases or filling out forms. To keep them engaged, it’s important to go beyond the purchase confirmation page: create an experience that reinforces your brand! By including pertinent product recommendations, special offers, and elements of branding in the thank you page, customers will leave feeling satisfied while being reminded of who you are.

By leveraging the thank you page, businesses can both improve their customers’ experience and boost revenue. Upselling or cross-selling relevant products on this page is a great way to accomplish that! Utilizing analytics tools like Google Analytics helps measure how successful your efforts are by tracking data such as bounce rate, time spent viewing the page, and goal completion numbers.

  • How a thank you landing page can help businesses increase engagement, conversion rates, and customer loyalty.

A thank you page can help businesses increase engagement, conversion rates, and customer loyalty by providing a positive and satisfying experience for the customer, reinforcing branding, and providing opportunities for upselling and cross-selling.

  1. Increased Engagement
  2. Increased Conversion Rate
  3. Increased Customer Loyalty
  4. Measurement

A great thank you page goes a long way in creating an amazing customer experience. It can help boost engagement, attract new customers, and retain existing ones with improved conversion rates – all while reinforcing branding through positive interactions and opening the door to upselling and cross-selling opportunities. Plus it even helps businesses gather helpful data to optimize the customer journey. You can look great thank you page examples online or see our case studies on the Convertica blog!


AB Split Testing Software FAQ


What is AB Testing?

A/B testing – a comparison method par excellence. It entails pitting two variants of a product, service, or marketing strategy against each other to determine which reigns supreme. The process is simple, yet powerful – randomly divide a sample of users into two groups, the control, and the test. One group receives the established version, while the other experiences the alteration. The real magic happens when the performance of each version is meticulously measured and analyzed, utilizing metrics such as clicks, bounce rate, conversion process, etc.

The purpose of A/B testing is to determine the version that excels in accomplishing the desired outcome, providing data-driven insights for improvements or modifications. It’s a popular technique in areas like website design, product development, boost sales and marketing, with the goal of enhancing user experience and boosting business results. In short, A/B testing is a powerful tool for informed decision-making.


What can go wrong with AB testing?

A/B testing, though a widely accepted method for evaluating changes, can prove to be erroneous if not executed with care. The perils of incorrect conclusions and decisions arise from a variety of sources, including sampling bias, confounding variables, and multiple comparisons. Sampling bias is a common problem, where the sample size is too small or not selected randomly, causing the results to be misleading. Confounding variables, such as holiday seasons, can also skew the results and lead to false positives or negatives if the test is not representative of the target audience’s normal behavior.

Moreover, multiple comparisons increase the likelihood of false positives when multiple tests are conducted on the same data. A/B testing demands a sufficient duration to observe vital trends or patterns in the data, and non-parallel trends can render the results invalid. Selection bias, when the test and control groups are not selected randomly, can also result in incorrect conclusions. Furthermore, the validity of the results is threatened by poor data quality, such as missing or incorrect data. Implementation errors, such as incorrect setup or execution, are additional factors that can lead to inaccurate results.

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