Website Heatmaps – 1 Simple Trick to Analyse Your Users Behavior

Hey, guys. Kurt here from Convertica, and today we’re going to talk about heatmap. Heatmaps are a very important tool to have in your toolkit when starting conversion rate optimization, as it allows you to identify areas on your website that you need to test or where users are maybe confused.

Heatmaps create a visual representation of the user’s behavior on the website so you can easily make decisions. For more visual people that can’t just get good ideas from just spreadsheets alone and so on, heatmaps are a great way to help you to identify where the issues are on the website.

So it’s important to understand, though, that heatmaps alone will not increase your conversion rates. It’s a tool in the toolkit that can help you to start the process of conversion rate optimization and help you to increase conversions on your website.
So jump over to, our website, and I’m going to show you some real use cases of how we actually use this in a split test.

This lead capture up the top here has been our biggest driver of leads since we started the company, so we’ve had very good success with this little setup. But with split testing, we know we can always improve it more.

How these works is, someone comes to our website. They want a free conversion rate audit. Our team will actually go through and look at their website, break it down step by step on how we’d increase conversions, and send that through in a PDF. This is also to pre-qualify the visitor they are willing to share a bit of information with us so that we can possibly work together.

We ask for a monetization method. In our case, would be lead generation. We ask for traffic or the monthly unique visitors, which for us is zero to 50,000, and then the website. We send that through. We also have this feature here, which shows what step we are at. This just shows we’re at the last step now.

When we ran a split test on this, we were split testing dropping out this traffic request and just requesting the monetization method. In VWO, which is the split testing software we use, it automatically records a heatmap of each of the variations so you can get further insight.

Upon running the split test, I think we had around 2000 views on this split test, we were able to get some other insight due to the heatmaps, which further validates the importance of running heatmaps on your website.

We can see here, this was what it looked like after we finished running the split tests. We can see that a lot of people were clicking the Convertica logo. How we can see that the darker the color, the redder it is, which means that it had more interaction. Then also the pricing guide. We could see that that had a lot of interaction, as well as services contacting us, and about us, where people trying to find out more about what we do and who we are.

But this was also interesting, too. This may be an issue. People have been clicking here thinking that this is something they need to do, or it could be just confusing them. So we’re going to run another split test based on looking at these heatmaps by removing that area, as it may be hindering more than helping people on their journey to submit a lead. That in itself was a huge takeaway.

Then in VWO, I know that Hotjar does this, where it overlays the heatmap and the click map as one so you can hover over this cluster of heatmaps, and it will show you the number. But in Hotjar you can’t. So we can see that 18% of all clicks, click through to the affiliate, 11% here. And 10% of all clicks on page click the pricing guide with 24% of all clicks on links. So an interesting takeaway and this is exactly what we use heatmaps for is to get just this insight.

Like I said earlier, heatmaps alone will not increase your conversion rates, but it’s a tool to help and assist you in coming up with better ideas, coming up with test hypotheses, coming up with ways that you could see possibly that your users are getting confused or are not exactly sure where to go. So this is just a little breakdown of how it works.

Hi, I’m Kurt Philip, the founder & CEO of Convertica. I live and breathe conversion rate optimization. I hope you enjoy our findings.

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