Conversion Optimization Round-up – March 2021

Today we’ve got for you all the latest articles in the CRO world. Beginning with ways virtual reality can optimize eCommerce business conversions. Moving onto formulas you can use to write great landing page headlines. Then we’ve got some expert advice on developing a hypothesis for marketing experimentation. Topping it off with 4 quick CRO case studies. 

Lets get stuck in..

4 Ways Virtual Reality Can Optimize eCommerce Business Conversions

New on the VWO blog is an article on how virtual reality can assist in ecommerce businesses. The fast evolving technology is now being used in the healthcare and real estate industries to name a couple. 

The first step is to test whether VR (virtual reality) or AR (augmented reality) would actually work for your eCommerce business. Start by collecting data from your target audience, using surveys or polls, on what their concerns are about the ecommerce purchasing journey, and how they feel about VR/AR. You can also use analytics tools to gain insights into whether VR/AR would improve the user experience.

Once you’ve determined that VR/AR could be beneficial for your business, the article takes you through 4 ways in which it can be utilized:

  1. Testing
  2. Optimize your conversions with customer service
  3. Optimize your conversions with user experience
  4. Optimize your conversions with marketing


Check out some examples of great VR marketing campaigns on the blog.

7 Formulas for Landing Page Headlines that Practically Write Themselves (With Examples)

From Unbounce we have a guide on how to create effective landing page headlines. 

While there is no single right way to write a headline, there are fortunately some tried and tested formulas you can use.

First they cover the basics on what makes a good headline. 


Then moving onto the 7 landing page headline formulas:

  1. The How-To Headline
  2. The Agitator
  3. The Value Prop (AKA the Promise)
  4. The Superlative
  5. The Call to Action
  6. The Special Offer
  7. The Playful Headline

To read through these formulas in depth, check out the article here.

Expert Advice on Developing a Hypothesis for Marketing Experimentation

This month on the Invesp blog, they share their process for crafting a marketing hypothesis, as well as tips from experts in the field.

They begin with a section covering what a hypothesis is and the format in which it must be stated. 

Next, moving onto prioritizing your issues to determine which will impact your bottom line the most. This is where hypotheses come into play. For each problem, you must create a hypothesis for it. It’s important to know that a hypothesis can be tested in many different ways as seen in the diagram below.


Considering there are multiple ways to test a single hypothesis, one failure doesn’t necessarily mean the hypothesis is wrong. It just means the way you have implemented it could be wrong. 

Even if you do disprove a hypothesis, you will still gain valuable insights, which you can use to formulate further tests or hypotheses. 

Following on from this is the expert round-up. Check it out here

Conversion Rate Optimization: 4 quick CRO case studies to help you increase revenue, mobile conversion, and site searches

Marketing Sherpa brings us 4 new case studies this month:

  1. Beginning with an insurance company that increased their conversions from 3.1% to 8% by better understanding the customers desires. 
  2. An online marketplace that nearly doubled their searches by changing their homepage subheader. 
  3. Third is an outdoor website which tripled their revenue by improving their site speed.
  4. Lastly, a lead generation company that increased their mobile conversions by 18% by putting themselves in their visitors shoes.