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The recommendations Convertica made resulted in an 18% lift in free trials which had a major impact on the business. I highly recommend Convertica for anyone who is looking to get the most out of their traffic. They’re the best in the business as far as I’m concerned”.

– Steve @ Freshbooks

“Convertica increased revenue on our site by over 30%. Their stuff works.”

– Gaël Breton @ Authority Hacker

“Their first month of work increased my income by enough to pay for all 6 months! This service pays for itself! The next 5 months after that were just as good as the first month. Working with Convertica was a HUGE win for me.

– Chane Steiner

“Kurt and his team helped raise click through to my agencys enquiry page by 65%. That’s a 17.98% CTR vs the 10.88% CTR before.”

– Matthew Woodward


All UX & UI Redesign Mockups

All Backend Coding and
AB Split Testing

All Split Test Reporting & Data

All Implementation of Winning Layouts





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[CASE STUDY] – Empire Flippers 51.6%+ Increase in Conversions in Just 47 Days

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[CASE STUDY] – How we got JustThrive 100%+ Increase in Conversions in 3 months

 We’ve all been there:On the endless hamster wheel.You spend many long days and sleepless nights fighting tooth and nail to get more people to your site.

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[Affiliate CRO Blueprint] – See our Exact Process we used to Increase Authority Hacker’s Affiliate Revenue by 34.8%

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Work with our team of CRO professionals.

When you partner with us, we become an extension of your company.

So that you can say goodbye to the ad-hoc CRO tests that sometimes work but often don’t.

So that you can stop playing the guessing game to evaluate which parts of your site design and content stop visitors from converting.

So that you can focus on other parts of your business that your team already excels in.

We make it easy for you.

We do EVERYTHING from setting up a conversion optimization strategy, front-end and back-end coding of designs, A/B testing, reporting the results and final integration into your website for the winning tests.

A Conversion Optimization agency with 5-star reviews

Great results, easy to work with, and do proper split-testing. Even noticed when I accidentally made a change to a page they were testing, and they stopped the test and started again to make sure I didn’t distort results. The most important thing to know: they had a positive result on revenue.

– Dom Wells @ OnFolio


“Convertica is the real deal! They kept me updated during the whole process. 2 weeks after the changed and we have a 90% increase in leads generated from our site.

– Greg Dickson

Start to finish CRO Campaigns


We take care of everything from website analysis to coding to integration of winning tests

Digital marketing is hard enough without having to worry about conversions.

Once you add conversion optimization in the mix, you put an extra burden on your company’s internet marketing staff. You might even have to take on skilled conversion optimizers. You also need coders, programmers, analysts, UX and UI specialists.

But when you partner with Convertica and avail of our conversion rate optimization services, you don’t have to worry about hiring and training new staff.

Our optimization agency already have the manpower in place to immediately work on your conversion funnel.

And you know how the speed of implementation impacts your revenue: the quicker the optimization process gets underway, the quicker you get a return of your investment.

In short, you’ve got nothing to lose and lots to gain.

Here’s what you get with our conversion optimization services.

Website audit

First, we spend time to understand and learn about your business. Because we like to act swiftly, we also identify a few pages that greatly impact your company goals and performance.

Our analysts do a deep dive into your Google Analytics (or whichever analytics tool you’re using).

Also, our designers assess the current layout.

Together we come up with an actionable strategy that is personalized to your company’s needs and goals.

Redesign mockups for both mobile and desktop users

Our designers have solid experience in many different niches and industries.

This gives them the eye to quickly evaluate what may be affecting your conversions.

This could mean radical changes to the site.

Or something equally important like changing elements to decrease cart abandonment, for example.

All frontend and backend coding

Our programmers and website designers work together to form a new version of the pages.

All these new versions will be vetted against the current design and copy of your site.

Our team takes care of the whole process from start to finish including quality assurance and debugging to ensure your website optimization process goes as smoothly as possible.

We can even work with your team to deploy using your processes.

Setup and running of A/B split testing

All our CRO tests are data-driven. We’ve got the field experience but we also know that when it comes to CRO, data has the last say.

So every new layout goes through an A/B test where we use industry-standard tools. We stop the test when it reaches statistical significance.

A detailed report of all split-tests and data analysis

When a test is finished, you will get a report on the results.

It will also include an analysis of the project and recommendations on how to improve conversions for future tests.

Integration of all winning layouts onto your site

This is when you reap the full benefits.

We will integrate all the winning layouts to all the pages. 

All coding front end is taken care of by our team to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible.




Your website already has what it takes to win

You just need a team of seasoned CRO professionals who can dig into your analytics, find the bottlenecks of conversions and very quickly test and iterate.

What are you waiting for?

Get the conversion rates your business deserves. 

Have the our team of conversion optimization specialists work on your website

Have UX and UI pros, data analysts, programmers and CRO experts all working together for the success of your site. With all these digital marketing specialists in one place with one focus: to take your site to the next level — you can only win.

Understand your users’ needs

A properly executed CRO campaign understands the psychology of your visitors and where they are in the customer journey. This means designing landing pages that pay particular attention to user experience. Ultimately, this means you have happier website visitors who are more open to engaging with you.

Increase your revenue

This is what it all boils down to. Our conversion optimization services help your company make more money with the same traffic. The good news is: you can implement this once and then it can benefit your bottom-line for years.

Increase Your Conversion Rates

with full-service done-for-you conversion optimization services 


  • Have expert analysts and researchers to audit your site and understand your business
  • Get top-drawer UX/UI professionals to analyze your pages
  • Have pro designers do a mock-up of new versions of your site
  • Get veteran programmers and coders to work on the new designs
  • Have CRO analysts with field-proven experience do an A/B or split test of new designs
  • Get the winning layouts integrated into your site by expert coders and programmers

Don’t just take our word for it, Put us to the test. Partner with THE CRO experts Today!

with a full-service done-for-you CRO company 

Frequently Asked Questions

How will you attribute conversions back to your tests?

We won’t be using a baseline to calculate increase but instead, we will use live data to calculate.

For example, let’s say a test runs for 4 weeks. All traffic coming to a test page will be split 50% at variation A and 50% at variation B.

During that test, variation A (your original layout) generates $10,000 in revenue. For the same period, our version, (variation B) generates $12500 in revenue. This will be calculated as a 25% increase.

How many tests will you do per month?

On average we run 1 test a month, sometimes 2, it all comes down to how quickly we can run a test based on your site’s traffic. We always wait for statistical significance.

Is Conversion Rate Optimization Safe for SEO?

Yes, it absolutely is. Good CRO practices work hand in hand with search engine optimization. All the things that search engines value, from proper meta tags to page speed are things that are also important in user experience.

What about duplicate pages when split testing?

We always add a canonical tag to the original page for all variations that we test. This tells the search engines to ignore the variation page and use the original page for ranking purposes.