eCommerce Case Study – 49.4% Increase in Paid Membership Sign-ups

The Website:

Today’s conversion optimization case study is for a unique Membership eCommerce store called dScryb, where you can purchase boxed text called “scenes”, which describe various characters, places, spells, and other observations within the fantasy worlds of Role Playing Games. 

These assist players in bringing scenes to life, with the descriptions written by award-winning writers who have carefully crafted each high quality text. Scenes are organised into collections with similar elements. 

dScryb currently offers a selection of free scenes available to everyone, with the ability to purchase and subscribe to particular collections, or the option of becoming a Hero subscriber in which you have access to everything. 

What We Tested And Why:

For this test, we wanted to see whether we could improve the rate of paid membership sign-ups by adding call-to-action buttons in the search results. 

dScryb has a widely used search feature, where users can enter a subject and be shown any related scene listings below. 

The Control version had the following factors as potential conversion barriers:

  • The search results had no clear call-to-action buttons. Users needed to click the listing title as the next step. 
  • The listings didn’t state whether a search result was free or accessible, depending on the visitor’s membership level.
  • When a user clicked an item that was restricted to them (either they have not yet signed up for an account, or they needed to upgrade to a higher tiered account), they would be shown an error notification asking them to go to the store page so they could sign up or upgrade their account.

The Control version is shown below:

The error notification for restricted content is shown below:

Our Test Variant included the following changes:

  • Each search result had a clear call-to-action button.
  • The call-to-action button indicated what actions a user could take based on their account level (i.e. Show Full Test or Unlock Access)
  • Since the available action was already stated in the search result, the error message was no longer necessary and was removed. Users were redirected straight to the store page. 

The Test Variant is shown below:

The Test Details:

This test was run on desktop and mobile using VWO (our preferred testing software), with traffic split equally between the control and the variant. 

During the test period there were 20,000 visitors to the website.

The test was run for 17 days and reached a 98% confidence level. 

The Test Results:

The following results are for desktop and mobile combined.

We saw a 24% increase in call-to-action clicks from the search results page. 

With an impressive 49.4% increase in paid membership sign-ups

This translated to a 23.8% increase in revenue per visitor

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Author: Kurt Philip


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