Affiliate Case Study – 10x Increase in Sales

Today we’re bringing you part 2 of our Affiliate Case Study

The Website:

This website is in the adult niche and reviews products that are sold on various eCommerce stores. 

Test Details & Background:

For this test we added an in-house designed exit popup and sticky footer which contained a call-to-action button to compel users to click through to see the top product. 

By clicking the button they would be redirected to view the product on the store product page. 

Below is the mockup of the exit popup on desktop:

Below is a mockup of the exit popup on mobile:

Below is a mockup of the sticky footer on desktop:

Below is a mockup of the sticky footer on mobile:

The Results:

The tests ran for 3 weeks, to reach a 99% confidence level.

7 out of the 10 pages we tested had an increase in clicks, with the overall increase for the 10 pages being 29.6%.

6 out of the 10 pages had an increase in orders, and increase in revenue. 

The overall increase in sales per visitor was over 10x the original and the increase in revenue per visitor was over 50x.

On mobile specifically, having long sales copy with infrequent call to actions can drastically hinder conversion, as in this example. By always having a call to action floating at the bottom of the mobile device screen, just above the user’s thumb, the user can quickly click it without having to navigate around your site to look for a call to action. 

Think about it like this, once they are reading through your sales copy and subconsciously say “Yes, this is for me”, you want to have that call to action right there for them to click when they are ready to buy.

Although very simple, conversion tactics like these are some of the best performing for many of our clients.

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Author: Kurt Philip

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  1. Eddie


    What was the best performer here, the sticky footer or the exit popup?



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