Conversion Optimization Round-up – February 2024

In our February 2024 Round-Up, we explore transformative strategies in digital marketing and conversion rate optimization (CRO) that are setting new benchmarks in the industry. From StatusCake’s simple yet impactful image swap boosting conversions by 96%, to the nuanced approach of CRO for local search driving in-store shopping, the power of visuals in SaaS marketing, and the art of crafting compelling landing pages, this month’s highlights offer a wealth of insights. 

Win Report: How changing one image almost doubled conversions

In a February 2024 case study, a simple image swap on StatusCake’s website—replacing an illustration with actual UI screenshots—resulted in a 96% boost in conversion rates. This change came after feedback from potential users highlighted the importance of seeing the product’s UI to make informed decisions. 

The original page featured a hand-drawn illustration, while the test page showed the StatusCake UI on various devices. This adjustment, informed by customer insights, underscores the power of visual elements in enhancing website conversions and demonstrates the effectiveness of research-driven optimizations in business growth.

CRO for Local Search: Concept and Strategies

The article emphasizes the crucial role of Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) for local search in today’s retail landscape, where a notable trend towards in-store shopping, influenced by online research, has emerged. It highlights a significant shift, as illustrated by Ulta Beauty’s experience where 30% of online orders are now picked up in-store, and underscores the trend with a broader statistic of $1 trillion in in-store shopping.

The essence of CRO for local search lies in optimizing the online-to-offline customer journey, improving website interfaces, enhancing SEO for visibility, and employing A/B testing to meet local preferences effectively. Key strategies include gathering positive online reviews, tailoring website content to resonate with local audiences, and leveraging tools like VWO for detailed behavior analytics and targeted testing to improve local search experiences.

Impact of Visuals in Digital Marketing: Examples from a SaaS and a clinical research organization

Creately, a visual collaboration tool, revamped its homepage to boost conversions, focusing on its core diagramming features. Despite introducing other functionalities, over 90% of users still primarily engaged with diagramming. 

By placing a diagram-type mind map and a centered CTA above-the-fold, and running a 14-day A/B test, Creately observed a significant impact: a 9.7% increase in CTA clicks and a 29.3% rise in purchases from the homepage. The test, conducted on desktop due to its dominant user base, underscored the value of bold, focused changes in driving better conversion outcomes.

Guide to Landing Pages Pt 2

The guide emphasizes the importance of effectively structuring both the above-the-fold and below-the-fold sections of a landing page to convert visitors. The above-the-fold must capture attention within seconds and include a value-focused headline, a complementary sub-headline explaining the headline’s promise, compelling visuals to illustrate the service or product, credible social proof, and a clear call-to-action (CTA) guiding users to the next step. 

The below-the-fold content should extend the narrative by elaborating on benefits, differentiating with unique features, adding more social proof, addressing common questions in an FAQ section, and providing a final CTA for conversion. This structured approach aims to build credibility, address user concerns, and clearly articulate the value proposition to encourage conversions.

Author: Kurt Philip


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