Case Study: Ecommerce Product Page Redesign Produces 56% Increase in Desktop Orders


An online retailer embarked on a project to redesign their product pages with the goal of creating a cleaner and more modern design. This initiative also included the implementation of a new sticky ‘Add to Cart and Buy Now’ bar, intended to streamline the customer’s journey to checkout.


Redesign Product Pages: To modernize the layout and user interface of the product pages.

Improve Checkout Process: Introduce a sticky ‘Add to Cart and Buy Now’ bar to facilitate easier and quicker purchases.


The project involved two key phases:

  1. Design and Development: Creation of new product page layouts and the sticky bar feature.
  2. Testing and Data Collection: Deploying the new design on a test basis and collecting data on its performance.


Desktop Performance

  • Increased Order Completion: A significant 56% increase in the rate of order completion was observed.
  • Revenue Growth: There was a 33.3% increase in revenue per visitor.
  • Funnel Performance: Consistent improvements were seen across all steps of the sales funnel.
  • Statistical Significance: The results achieved a 98% confidence level, indicating a high likelihood that the observed improvements are due to the redesign.

Mobile Performance

  • Neutral Impact: The redesign did not significantly affect the rate of order completion or revenue per visitor on mobile devices.

Conclusion and Recommendations

Success on Desktop

The redesigned product pages have demonstrably improved user engagement and revenue generation on desktop platforms. The cleaner design and streamlined checkout process, especially the addition of the sticky ‘Add to Cart and Buy Now’ bar, have positively influenced customer behavior.

Neutral Mobile Impact

While the redesign did not adversely affect mobile users, it also did not yield positive changes. This neutrality suggests that mobile users may have different preferences or behaviors that the redesign did not address.

Future Steps

Desktop Rollout: Given the success on desktop, we recommended implementing the redesign across all desktop product pages.

Mobile Strategy Rethink: Further analysis and possibly a separate redesign strategy for mobile pages were recommended, considering the distinct user behavior on mobile devices.

Final Note

This initiative exemplifies how thoughtful redesign and user experience optimization can significantly impact e-commerce performance. The case also highlights the importance of distinguishing between desktop and mobile user experiences.

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Author: Kurt Philip


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