Case Study: Optimizing Product Pages with Free Shipping Promotion


We aimed to enhance the effectiveness of this ecommerce store’s online product pages to boost sales and customer engagement. The central strategy was to emphasize the free shipping promotion by incorporating a badge next to the product prices. This case study analyzes the impact of this strategy on sales metrics, focusing on differences in user interaction between Desktop and Mobile platforms.


The primary goal was to improve the conversion rate and revenue per visitor by highlighting the free shipping offer more prominently on product pages.


Test Setup

  • The test involved modifying product pages to include a badge indicating free shipping near the product price.
  • The test was executed on both Desktop and Mobile platforms to compare the performance.
  • Key performance indicators (KPIs) included the conversion rate (order per visitor) and revenue per visitor.

Data Collection

We recorded the test’s impact on conversion rates and revenue, as well as analyzed performance across various funnel stages (cart page visits, checkout progress, and purchase completion).


Desktop Performance

  • Conversion Rate: A 27% increase in the rate of order completion was observed. 
  • Revenue Per Visitor: There was a 60.3% increase in revenue per visitor.
  • Funnel Analysis: Increases were noted at all funnel stages, indicating improved customer journey and engagement.

Mobile Performance

  • No significant change was observed in both the rate of order completion and revenue per visitor.

Estimated Impact (Desktop Only)

  • Assuming mobile performance remained unchanged, a 6.6% increase in the rate of order completion and a 14.4% increase in revenue per visitor was projected.


With the consistent improvement across all funnel stages on Desktop and the overall positive performance of the test variant, we suggested rolling out the new design on the Desktop platform. The results indicate a clear preference and enhanced engagement from desktop users when the free shipping badge is prominently displayed.


The initiative to emphasize the free shipping offer by adding a badge near the product price on the product pages yielded promising results, particularly on Desktop. The significant increases in conversion rate and revenue per visitor on this platform advocate for the implementation of this strategy to improve sales metrics. However, the lack of impact on Mobile suggests a need for further investigation or alternative strategies tailored to mobile users.

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Author: Kurt Philip


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