Ecommerce Case Study: Implementation of Sticky Call-to-Action


The focus of this test was the implementation of a sticky call-to-action (CTA) on their landing page. This CTA was designed to be constantly visible to users regardless of their position on the page, aiming to facilitate easier progression to the next steps in their user journey.


The primary objective was to determine whether a sticky CTA would positively influence the conversion rate and revenue generation, particularly in mobile and desktop environments.


  • The test period spanned 20 days.
  • Data was collected and analyzed in terms of conversion rate (orders per visitor) and revenue (revenue per visitor).
  • Separate analyses were conducted for mobile and desktop environments to ascertain the effectiveness of the sticky CTA in each.




  • There was a significant 252.9% increase in the rate of order completion.
  • Similarly, a 252.9% increase in revenue per visitor was observed.
  • These results achieved a 98% confidence level, indicating statistical significance.
  • No significant change was observed in both the rate of order completion and revenue per visitor.

Conclusion and Recommendation:

The test revealed a significant positive impact of the sticky CTA on mobile user engagement and revenue, while the desktop version showed no notable change. Based on these results, we recommended implementing the sticky CTA feature live on mobile platforms, as it has demonstrated a substantial improvement in both conversion rate and revenue generation.

The lack of impact on desktop users suggests that further analysis and possibly different approaches might be needed for this segment of users. The success on mobile, however, underscores the importance of tailored approaches to different platforms in enhancing user experience and business metrics.

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Author: Kurt Philip


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