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Underrated CRO Tips: Why Reviews Matter and How to Optimize Them

Reviews can make or break a company! Learn why you should pay attention to customer feedback and how to make the most of it.

We’ve all heard that customer reviews, whether positive or negative, are important.

But do you realize how important an online review is to the success of any digital marketing campaign?

How a single review can influence consumer decisions?

Because reviews can make or break conversion rates, it’s critical to understand how they work and how to optimize them.

Now, we’ll go over why online reviews are important and should be at the top of your CRO checklist and offer actionable advice for implementing an effective review strategy.

Are you ready to learn how to gain a customer’s trust? Let’s get started without further ado!

Why Online Reviews are Important for Customers & Businesses

93 percent of consumers say online reviews can influence the buying decision. I wouldn’t say reviews on the internet will affect your business’ success.

Take an example of a recent Amazon purchase. You’ll most likely check first the star rating on the item. And the rating relates to individual reviews on the websites.

The stars are overwhelmingly positive that consumers remain confident even though 42% of Amazon’s reviews are false.

Who is Reading Online Reviews?

Nowadays virtually all people can read online review sites. 91% actually read and 84% believe the book. Reviews can also be measured.

A typical buyer would spend 36% less at a retailer that has a great review rating. A negative review has twice as many positives as a book.

Studies also found that 82% look for negative feedback from people reading reviews.

5-star review, icons of people

5 Reasons Why Reviews Are Essential

In today’s digital age, reviews have become an integral part of the decision-making process for many consumers.

From product reviews to service feedback, these comments and ratings can greatly impact a business’s reputation and success.

We will explore 5 reasons why reviews are essential and how they can benefit both businesses and consumers.

The Influence of Word-of-Mouth Marketing

When it comes to marketing, word-of-mouth is one of the most effective tools at your disposal, and it’s one of the most valuable feedback you can get!

This is because people trust their friends and family more than any advertisement or slogan.

They are more likely to believe something if they are personal recommendations rather than something in an online review or something they see on TV or hear from a corporate representative.

Furthermore, sales reviews allow potential customers to hear from real people who have previously used the product or service, giving them an honest opinion about what they can expect.

illustration of social proof

The Social Proof Influence

Consumers trust online reviews and review sites on their own.

These positive reviews can also be beneficial and can help influence the decision making process of a potential customer.

They are more likely to buy something that they have heard many times from others.

The concept of social proof holds that people are more likely to try something if they see that others have done so and had success with it.

This can range from celebrities endorsing products on Instagram to reading positive online reviews from previous customers on an e-commerce site.

Furthermore, by leaving reviews on your website, you can demonstrate to prospective customers that others have had success with what you offer, which may entice them to give it a try as well!

Not only that it gives you an edge in your marketing efforts, but it also establishes a steady stream of website visitors and more sales.

illustration of credibility

Positive Reviews Indicate Credibility

More online reviews mean improving your company’s and website’s overall credibility.

When making online purchases, people want to know they’re dealing with a reputable company, so having a lot of positive online reviews will go a long way toward establishing trust with potential customers and making them feel comfortable enough to make a purchase or sign up for your service.

illustration of SEO

It aids in SEO.

Reviews, believe it or not, can also aid your SEO efforts.

Having a large number of positive reviews will demonstrate to Google (and other search engines) that people like your product or service, which may result in higher rankings in search results.

Furthermore, if people are talking about you online, especially on Google Reviews, the likelihood that new customers will find you when searching for something related to your business increases.

Reviews make or break your online visibility on search results!

illustration of insights

Provides Insights

Last but not least, online reviews provide valuable insights into what customers like and dislike about your product or service, allowing you to adjust and improve to better suit their needs and preferences in the future.

It’s also useful in determining areas where you can improve or where competitors are outperforming you, so you can address those issues quickly and reclaim any lost market share before it’s too late!

Consumers read online reviews, so it gives them a proper understanding of your product or service.

authority, credibility

Online reviews help confirm authority

Reviews will help you determine whether the brand has authority.

The greater a brand’s reputation is, the better its credibility is. People reading reviews assume a person had used a particular service before.

When potential clients read your review, they see you as the leader in their sector.

It increases your chances that your customers will trust your product based on their experiences.

handshake, interaction

How to respond to positive reviews

In case your reviews are good, respond immediately.

It shouldn’t be lengthy or detailed.

You just need to show gratitude to your clients and commit yourself to continue the engagement.

Besides building your credibility, it also draws in others to review.

5 Simple Steps to Improve Your Online Reviews

However, simply posting your customers’ online reviews on your website isn’t enough; you also need to make sure they’re optimized to be seen and read by potential customers.

Reviews increase but can also decrease your overall credibility and visibility, so be careful about how you implement them.

Fortunately, here are some underutilized tips to ensure your online customer reviews are doing their best work for you!

illustration of improving reviews with seo

Reviewing with SEO in Mind

The most important step in optimizing online reviews is to ensure that they include the appropriate keywords.

Most people search using specific words or phrases, and if your online reviews do not include those words, your content will be overlooked on the search rankings.

Furthermore, you can use tools like Google Trends, and Google Search, or simply search on social media to determine which keywords are popular and relevant to your business.

Once you’ve created a list of keywords, make sure they appear throughout the review so that online shoppers searching online can easily find them on the search engine rankings.

illustration of photos and videos, 5-star reviews

Including Photos and Videos

Including photos and videos is another excellent way to improve customer online reviews and online visibility.

Photos can help provide visual proof of customer satisfaction, while videos provide a more personal look at what it’s like to do business with you – both of which can help convince them that you’re the right choice for them.

These visuals can also be optimized by being tagged with relevant keywords, ensuring that your reviews appear in searches related to your business or product.

social media, star reviews

Make Use of Social Media Platforms

Social media channels are excellent for promoting customer reviews and interacting with potential customers who may have questions or concerns about your products or services.

Positive customer reviews posted on social media can help boost credibility while also highlighting areas where you outperform competitors.

Responding to direct messages and comments on social media can also help to build trust with current customers and attract new ones, bringing in more reviews!

Ask for a review

Are you interested? Tell him! Strategic time to ask for review based on a client stage in the sales channel.

If your customers are returning to your site after they have ordered a new product or service, it’ll make it an excellent opportunity for them to provide feedback.

Make sure you do not ask for a review at the incorrect time.

It would be unconstitutional to request reviews if the user only logged on to you once and did not call or buy anything.

Tell the reviewer what is your opinion about your experience with this product.

influencer, 5-star review

Requesting Positive Feedback from Influencers

Finally, encouraging influencers in your industry or niche to leave online reviews about their experience with your product or service is one of the best ways to maximize the impact of your customer reviews.

Influencers already have a large following, so their endorsement and online review carry a lot of weight, attracting more attention, more reviews, and potential customers to your company.

Furthermore, many influencers will be happy to share their experiences with brands in they believe and like, influencing buying decisions from their fanbase.

Since we previously mentioned that they also review sites on their own, it’s best to make a strategy around this idea!

illustration of user-generated content

Make Use of User-Generated Content (UGC)

User-generated content (or UGC) is a great way to highlight positive reviews, which helps build trust among potential customers who are considering purchasing from your company.

UGC can take many forms, including photos, videos, testimonials, blog posts, and so on, so get creative!

Furthermore, if you have any loyal customers who have been with you for a long time, don’t forget to thank them for their positive review and loyalty!

Sending them a thank you note or offering exclusive discounts will go a long way toward ensuring repeat business.


Keep Experimenting as a Bonus

Once you’ve implemented all of these strategies, take some time to analyze the results and make any necessary adjustments.

Keep track of which strategies worked best and devote more energy to them in the future, while also testing out new ideas!

Also, keep reading online reviews of your own products, or at the very least, review requests and suggestions from customers.

After all, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for growing your business through customer reviews.

A local business might have different needs than a large, corporate one.

So keep experimenting until you find the right mix for yourself!

2-star review, bad review, negative review

A negative review can be detrimental to your business, but don’t sweat it!

Whether your company is large or small, you will receive a negative or a fake review from time to time.

It can be difficult not to take it personally, but the most important thing is to remain professional and thoughtful in your response.

It’s easy to see how negative reviews can damage your reputation, but they don’t have to be the end of your company.

Here are five tips for dealing with negative customer reviews like a boss.

hand, people, heart, calmness, professional manners

Maintain Your Cool

Take a few deep breaths before responding to a negative comment, and remember that lashing out will only make the situation worse.

Most customers are more likely to give you the benefit of the doubt if they see you can maintain your cool in stressful situations.

So, act and handle negative reviews like a professional to maintain customer trust!

apologizing, empathy

Be Apological

No matter how incorrect you believe the disgruntled customers are, it is critical that your response include an apology for any inconvenience caused by your product or service.

Even if you believe the customer is entirely correct, apologizing can help ease tensions and demonstrate to an unhappy customer that you care about their experience with your company.

customer service, customer assistance

Provide Assistance

When responding to negative reviews, try to offer assistance if at all possible.

This could include providing additional assistance or resources such as eBooks, tutorials, or even free products/services, depending on your company’s needs and budget.

You can also send them a promo code to compensate them for their bad experience.

Showing customers that they have your support can go a long way toward making them feel heard and taken seriously by your company, improving their customer experience.

learn from mistakes, product and service testing

Make Use of Your Mistakes

Use any poor reviews as an opportunity for learning and growth, no matter how difficult it may be!

As a business owner, it’s always a good idea to ask yourself what went wrong with this particular interaction so that you don’t make the same mistakes with other customers in the future.

Bad reviews don’t mean it’s the end for your local business — it’s an avenue to further improve your product quality and marketing campaigns.

Reviews are important as it helps you understand what to do next time!

email, phone call, follow-up

Following Up

Following an apology and offer of assistance, it is critical for businesses to follow up with customers after resolving any issues or complaints raised in the original customer feedback (if applicable).

This demonstrates to customers that your company took their feedback seriously, and it conveys trustworthiness, which is essential for long-term success!

man, don't take it personal

Bonus Tip: Don’t take negative reviews personal

Finally, don’t take any negative reviews personally!

While it may be difficult at times, responding calmly and professionally when dealing with negative reviews is critical!

The last thing you want is for your response to exacerbate the situation!

So take a deep breath and remember that responding calmly and professionally will get you far more than allowing emotion to take over!

bad review, dead end

Negative Reviews Can Be a Good Thing

While the reviews are negative, they may help to make your situation ironically better.

More customers trust businesses if they see mixed reviews.

I think that will benefit your company!

A handful of bad ratings can ruin your overall scores, as long as you get regular reviews. But we all know that negative comments can affect everyone.


Optimizing online customer reviews is an essential part of any successful digital marketing strategy and part of any conversion rate optimization expert’s strategy as it helps ensure that potential customers will actually see them when searching online.

By using the right keywords, incorporating visuals into the review content, responding to the negative review, and encouraging influencer endorsements – businesses can maximize the impact of their customer reviews and attract more attention (which means more reviews and customers) than ever before!

Have you given thought to it?

With enough excellent reviews and social proof around your business, you’ll be well on your way toward optimizing conversions in no time!

Even if you don’t know where to start, we’ll help you design and optimize your campaign suited to your business’s needs.

Learn more about how Convertica can help you bring the most out of your web traffic as your chosen conversion rate experts!

Hi, I’m Kurt Philip, the founder & CEO of Convertica. I live and breathe conversion rate optimization. I hope you enjoy our findings.

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