In this month’s Round-Up we’ve got articles from VWO, Marketing Sherpa and Conversion Rate Experts covering eCommerce optimization, 3 quick Case Studies, one long-form FinTech Case Study and the Unbounce 2021 Conversion Benchmark Report. 

We hope you enjoy these as much as we did!

8 Tips for Optimizing Your eCommerce Homepage for Success

New from the VWO blog, we’ve got 8 ways you can optimize your homepage for success. When someone visits your site, you’ve only got a few seconds to show them at a glance, who you are, why they should buy from you, what you sell and how to find products. 

  1. Make sure you have optimized your homepage for search engines, as well as for users. Ensure your metadata and images are correctly optimized. And for users, having all the information they need above the fold.
  2. Include (and test) primary call to actions. 
  3. Optimize for mobile. 
  4. Build trust by displaying contact information.
  5. Provide a personalized shopping experience.
  6. Feature (and test) your best products.
  7. Display site security.
  8. Highlight sales above the fold.


Purchase Intent: 3 quick case studies show how marketers increased opt-ins, leads, and ROAS by tapping into customer motivation

This month Marketing Sherpa brings us 3 new quick case studies.

The first is a home improvement website which increased their opt-in conversions by 50%. They used Hotjar to visualize user interaction, in conjunction with Google Analytics to identify their best performing channels. They learned that there were 2 particular demographics that were engaging with the site, first time home buyers under the age of 30 and senior citizens above 65. 

With this information they were able to customize their funnels for the 2 demographics, tailoring the message for each, and subsequently improving the click-through rate from an ad landing page where they offered a lead magnet from 3% to 11%. Opt-in email conversions for the lead magnet increased by 50%.

The second case study shows how by focusing on purchase intent, a wine store increased their return on ad spend 24% above their goal. 

And lastly, an autobahn indoor speedway 10x’s their leads by leveraging an AI powered chat bot. 

Marketing Sherpa

Read through the 3 case studies in full here.

Conversion for mobile: how we helped grow a FinTech company by 470%

From Conversion Rate Experts we have a case study on how they improved conversions by 470% by adopting a mobile led approach. 

They go in depth into what aspects of mobile optimization they targeted and tested, beginning with the approach that mobile visitors are not just desktop visitors on a different device. By looking into visitor data, they determined that mobile visitors had very different intentions, likes and dislikes than their desktop counterparts.

They then tested a long form landing page, which increased sign ups 78% above the original. With this format, they had the chance to address all the objections people might have around a financial product for children. They were also able to visually get their message across and increase trust by highlighting their collaboration with Visa.

Conversion Rate Experts

They also optimized Facebook ads for mobile, tested a new pricing page, homepage, and post sale page for mobile, all with generous increases in conversions. 

Read through the whole case study here.

“What’s a Good Conversion Rate for My Landing Page?” [Conversion Benchmark Report 2021]

Unbounce brings us their all new Conversion Benchmark Report for 2021, which analyzes more than 33 million conversions across 44 thousand Unbounce-built landing pages.

They’ve been broken down into 16 key industries, and subcategories. You can use these benchmarks to help you determine how you’re performing against the rest of your industry, get actionable insights on changes you can make today, get data supported best practices, and help you build a culture of continuous improvement within your organization.

Author: Kurt Philip


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