Conversion Optimization Round-up – May 2023

Welcome to this month’s round-up, where we delve into the ever-evolving world of conversion rate optimization, sharing valuable insights to boost your website’s visibility and user experience. This month, we focus on the power of testing data to determine what truly resonates with your audience and delivers the best results.

Today, we visit Optimizely, which shares 6 pillars for building a culture focused on experimentation. Invesp teaches us how to conduct a CRO audit. Guess the Test asks which format won, the copy with social media icons or contact icons? And finally, VWO talks about how data can increase personalization, resulting in higher conversions. 

To stay ahead of the curve, businesses must adapt their CRO strategies continuously. One effective way to achieve this is through rigorous testing and analysis.

6 Measuring Pillars for Building a Culture of Experimentation


In today’s fast-paced world, A/B testing and experimentation are vital. Building a culture where testing is practiced and expected will help yield conversions. 

Optimizely shares 6 great measuring pillars for getting you and your team on the right track. 

Below are a couple that stood out to us. 

  • Optimize Experiences on Every Device: This tip tells us to focus on making adapting changes across all platforms easy.
  • Data-Driven Marketing: Work on integrating data-driven decision-making. Be sure to make it easy for others on the team to interpret the results. 

We love the quote Optimizely uses; Experimentation beats speculation.”  Implement some of these tips today to start improving your conversions. 

How to Conduct a CRO Audit in 10 Steps


Do you feel you keep testing, and no matter what you do, conversions are not improving? If so, Invesp has a solution. 

This article shares 10 steps to conduct a comprehensive CRO audit to improve conversions. This audit is designed to help you find and fix errors, pain points, and flaws in the user experience. 

Invesp has compiled a complete article to get you moving in the right direction. 

Here are a few steps we want to highlight:

  • Define the Target Audience: Include demographics, psychographics, behaviors, and pain points. Once we have a clear idea of who we want to sell to, we can better understand them.
  • Analyze Website Traffic: This practice will help you see where your traffic is coming from so you can put more resources into that avenue.

Don’t miss this in-depth article from Invesp.

What Format Won? Social Icons or Direct Contact Icons?


In this month’s Guess The Test, the question is whether social icons were best, or if contact phone numbers would prove better.

What format do you think won?

The problem that Medium Giant faced was some items were only available through the store, and consumers had to call or email the store directly. With the original only showing media icons instead of contact numbers, users were confused. Would this new format prove to help?

Yes, the new format with numbers listed led to a 123% lift in contact submissions and a 115% increase in mobile users. 

Steve Krug says a cardinal rule for the user experience is don’t make the user think!

How Data Can Drive Increased Personalization


VWO teaches us how to use the data we obtain from users to increase personalization. 

But what data should you be collecting? And why? Below are a few of the tips and tricks for data collection. 

  • Consumer Demographics: Age, location
  • Descriptional data:  Lifestyle habits, where they work
  • Contextual data: What browser do they use? Do they use a desktop or mobile
  • Behavioral data: Has the user clicked on any upsell offers? How often do they interact with chat features?

This article also talks about how to track and use data. You will learn about customer data platforms and how to use them. This method helps bring all information into one location to help personalize and generate more leads.


CRO is essential to optimizing your website’s performance and user experience. As the saying goes, “Conversion rate optimization is not about guessing what works; it’s about knowing what works and making it better.” 

By embracing data-driven strategies and continuous testing, you can unlock the true potential of your online presence and achieve remarkable results.

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