eCommerce Case Study – 12.7% Increase in Revenue

The Website:

This is a cro case study for an Australian owned and managed business called Factory to Home, which sells quality furniture and homeware to Australians. They realised there was a gap in the market for buying home goods at an affordable price with quick and reliable delivery. 

They established relationships directly with suppliers which allowed them to secure low pricing for their customers. They also made sure to use reliable couriers to ensure a seamless delivery. Lastly, they employed a great team of customer support staff which all amounted to an overall smooth customer experience.

They now have warehouses located all over the country, and are able to ship most items within 1 working day. They provide full transparency around their supply chain and have created a win-win scenario for both customers and suppliers.

Test Details & Background:

For this test we added shipping, warranty, and payment information on the product pages, while also popping open the details when the links are clicked so that users can get answers for their FAQs without leaving the product pages.

By doing this we are reducing the steps to checking out and creating a streamlined experience. It is often at the checkout stage that people’s fears about buying online come into play. By addressing them at the point that they are adding the product to cart, they can move forward with the purchase, by getting all the answers then and there, without leaving the page. 

The Test Details:

We added the FAQ pop-up section at the bottom of the product page below the product description. 

The desktop version is shown below:

The mobile version is shown below:

Once users clicked any of the FAQ links, a pop-up appears on screen as below:

The Test Results:

The following results are for desktop and mobile combined. 

We saw an 18.1% increase in the rate of order completion and 12.7% increase in revenue per visitor.

Our changes on desktop reached statistical significance with a 96% confidence level. Our results on mobile didn’t reach statistical significance, but we rolled out the results on mobile as we saw no negative impact. 

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Author: Kurt Philip


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