Ecommerce Case Study: Boosting Conversions with Policy Visibility

What We Tested:

In the world of e-commerce, every amount of assurance given to potential customers can make a significant difference in conversion rates and revenue. In today’s case study, we look at the effects of adding refund and shipping policy badges to the cart page.

To evaluate the impact of these changes on conversion rates and revenue, we conducted an A/B test. The test involved two versions – the control version, which saw no changes, and the test version, which saw the addition of refund and shipping policy badges and shipping popups on the cart page. 

We collected data on various metrics, including the rate of order completion, revenue per visitor, and funnel performance. The test reached statistical significance with a 97% confidence level.

Desktop Mockup:



Mobile Mockup:




Our revenue report revealed the following key findings:

  1. Desktop: The test variant achieved a 21.8% increase in the rate of order completion and a 20% increase in revenue per visitor compared to the control version.
  2. Mobile: There was no significant change in the rate of order completion and revenue per visitor for the treatment group compared to the control group.

The funnel report showed that the increased revenue results on desktop were consistent across all steps of the funnel, including:

  1. Users proceeding to the cart page
  2. Users proceeding to the checkout page
  3. Users completing their purchase

We rolled out the changes live on desktop and also on mobile, as we saw no negative impact from our mobile tests. 


Key takeaways:

The success of this test can be attributed to several factors:

  1. Increased trust and transparency. By displaying the refund and shipping policy on the cart page, customers are provided with clear and easily accessible information regarding their purchases. This increased transparency can build trust and alleviate potential concerns, leading to a higher likelihood of customers completing their transactions.
  2. Reduced uncertainty. Online shoppers often have concerns about shipping timeframes, fees, and potential return complications. By making these policies more prominent, the test addressed these uncertainties, which in turn increased the customers’ confidence in proceeding with their purchase.


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Author: Kurt Philip


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