Conversion Optimization Round-up – October 2023

In today’s competitive digital world, gaining and retaining the attention of online users can be a challenge. Recent statistics reveal the average attention span of a web user is now shorter than a goldfish, clocking in at a mere 8 seconds. In this cutthroat environment, optimizing conversion rates is not just a desire; it’s a necessity.

This month, we will dive deep into the fascinating world of CRO, explore user behavior, the science of cart abandonment recovery, and the surprising instances where conventional wisdom falls short.

Continue reading as we break down this month’s list of articles showing you different techniques to improve conversions. 

Which email subject line approach won? Urgency or informative?

An American banking client, Citizens Bank, had Zeta Global run a subject line test.

The results of this test were closer than most we see. To be honest, we got this one wrong.

Below are the two options tested.

Did you guess right?

According to research, consumers, when making buying decisions, tend to make impulsive purchases. Did you know that 40-80% of all purchases stem from impulse buys? This is why the “Urgency” tactic from Option B was the winner in this A/B test.

This article from Guess The Test shares great tips and tricks for using urgency in your copy. Remember, don’t overuse this tactic. Look at your copy and see if there are any call-to-action buttons or copy that could be removed.

Surprising A/B test results that defied best practices.

We all know how vital A/B testing is, and if you don’t, you could be missing out on potential revenue. 

In this month’s article from Kameleoon, we learn how 16 experimentation experts used A/B testing to prove not all “best practices” perform the way you expect. 

Below are a few of the “surprises” that stood out to us:

  1. Product videos drive users to purchase, right? In this example, the expert shared that just because you showcase a great product video doesn’t mean it was the catalyst driving sales. Most people are already going to buy your product by the time they watch your video. 
  2. Social proof harms conversion. This one stood out because of how widely used social proofs are used now. Read on to learn how, in this example, it didn’t work.

This article is jam-packed with valuable examples of how following best practices don’t always work. 

3 Tactics to recover abandon carts.

You don’t want to miss this informative article from Marketing Examined, where they explain three tactics to recover abandoned cars

Do you know what the average abandoned cart rate is? Would you believe me if I said 69.99%? 

Below, we breakdown what the top 5 reasons are:

  1. Extra cost: shipping, taxes (48%)
  2. Needed to create an account (24%)
  3. Delivery too slow (22%)
  4. User didn’t trust the site with my credit card information (18%)
  5. Too long/complicated checkout process (17%)

Here are the three tactics to try with your abandoned carts:

  1. Use AI Chatbot to communicate with the user how to help them get to the sale. 
  2. Just ship it to the customer anyway. Send them a gift and ask for their business. 
  3. A simple emoji could turn an abandoned cart into a satisfied user.

Read on for a more in-depth breakdown of these three unique tactics that work wonders in this fast-paced digital world. 

Win Report: How blurring the results doubled sign-ups for a utility comparison website

In this article from Conversion Rate Experts, learn how one utility comparison website doubled its sign-ups. 

The research team at Conversion Rate Experts discovered several opportunities for improvement, testing, and growth when trying to help Glimp improve their site.

Below is the original (control)

The team created a new version using these below tactics:

  • Future Pacing: A way to help users see themselves with desired results. 
  • Presenting Counter objections: Focus on the instant nature of comparison.
  • Simplification: Reduce the clutter. 

Below are the results of the variation:

These results were incredibly successful. This variation saw a 108% increase in sign-ups and users viewing the deals. We need to keep in mind that simple testing could be the difference you are looking for.

Read on to learn more about the results of this test. 


As we conclude this month’s journey, one thing becomes abundantly clear: in the ever-evolving digital realm, adaptability and innovation are critical.

Remember, CRO is not a one-size-fits-all solution. It’s a process. It’s about understanding that the 8 seconds of a user’s attention are fleeting, but with the right strategies, those seconds can turn into lasting relationships.

Until next time.

If you have any questions about the articles, you read today, or if you would like a free conversion audit, send us a message; we would love to help. 

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Author: Johana Miraflor


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