Affiliate Case Study – 35.4% Increase In Sales Per Visitor

In our latest conversion optimization case study, we’ll share with you an affiliate website where we placed “Our Top 3 Picks” in a vertical table for increased conversions. 

The Website:

This website is in the adult niche and reviews products that are sold on Amazon.

Test Details & Background:

This test was a desktop only test, where the control was an “At A Glance” section, which listed the top 5 picks as shown below:

And the variation was “Our Top 3 Picks” shown in a vertical table, as below:

The top 3 vertical tables are designed to increase the buying intent of visitors and help them in their decision to make a purchase. 

The sales data showed an increase in sales. The heatmaps also confirm that there were better engagements in the top 3 vertical tables when compared to the “At A Glance” section.

Even though the overall click data did not increase, the sales conversions increased because visitors were more educated about the product before they clicked.

The tests ran for 11 weeks to reach a 97% confidence level. 

This test was a follow on from a mobile and desktop test where we tested “At A Glance” vs “Our Top 3 Picks” and the “At A Glance” section performed better on mobile, whereas the “Our Top 3 Picks” table performed better on desktop. 

The Results:

We saw an overall increase of 35.4% in sales per visitor.

Our key takeaway was that the vertical tables increased the buyer intent of the visitors by educating them, then and there, on their purchasing decision where space allowed (desktop only).

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Author: Kurt Philip


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