26.9% Increase for an eCommerce Business in the Homeware Niche.

The Website:

This case study features an eCommerce business in the homeware niche.

This Shopify store features a small selection of high quality tableware.

It is a UK based site, but they ship all their products worldwide.

They work with a select few reliable sellers and ship directly from the manufacturers, to keep prices competitive.

What We Tested And Why:

For our first test for this client, we tested redirecting users to the Cart when they click the Add to Cart button on mobile and desktop. A relatively simple change but one that works well on the right type of site.

Our reasoning behind this change was that even though there was already a Buy Now button, most people are only purchasing one product per visit, so it would create less friction in the checkout process

That is an important thing to note. This test will only work well if, when you look over the data, the average items per order is one or near enough to one.

The Results:

We ran the test for 19 days, to reach 98% statistical significance

The results showed a 47.7% increase in conversion rates on mobile device users and a 71.4% increase in revenue per visitor on mobile device users.

There was no increase in conversions on desktop.

By rolling out the winner to a version of the website that only mobile users would view, the overall increase in conversions from this test was 26.9%.

This is a very simple test. It goes so show, when the right things are tested on the right areas of your website they can yield fanastic results.


Author: Kurt Philip


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