Lead Generation Case Study – 45.08% Increase in Successful Bookings

The Website:

This conversion optimization case study is for lead generation website in the home service industry. 

Test Details & Background:

We tested adding call to action buttons that triggered the quote form to popup.

This aims to improve conversions by speeding up the conversion process and ensuring that users can easily get a quote & make a booking (through the popup form), wherever they are on the site. 

It was tested against a version where the form was displayed within the page.

Our hypothesis was that by placing the form within the popup, users could focus more on the messaging and they’d be more encouraged to proceed. Instead of overwhelming them with the form on display near the message.

This test was performed on both mobile and desktop.

The Test Details:

The desktop version of the popup is shown below:

The mobile version of the popup is shown below:

The Test Results:

The popup form has increased the conversion rate (successful bookings) on mobile and desktop combined, by 45.08% with a 97% confidence level. 

On just desktop, the number of people who used the quote form and then reached the success page increased by 26.88%. For mobile only, this increase was 67.27%.

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Author: Kurt Philip


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